e-Petition: Rescind the decision to scrap Barrack / Service Accommodation upgrades

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by steb4life, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. What do we cut instead to pay for it? We're getting no more cash out of the Government.
  2. I vote we keep upgrading accommodation but to pay for it everyone should take a 50% pay cut and they should stop LOA, LSA, Op Bonuses, Trade pay, specialist pay, CEA, home to duty and any other payments people might be entitled to.
  3. It will have to be done eventually - if it gets done later, it will cost more to get less done. Makes no sense to put it off. Especially when the country needs growth and those lads who are being made redundant need jobs too.
  4. I've missed this place!
  5. That's sadly irrelevant. We've got no money. We could upgrade the barracks and MQs, but we need to find £1.6bn in savings somewhere else to pay for it. We will get no more money from the Treasury. No ifs, buts or maybes.

    We can 't even afford to make people redundant. That's how skint we are.
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    The problem is simple - there is no money. The government must know that it is likely to lose the next election as the cuts being made are so unpopular. That makes me think that they are THAT essential. The opposition has the luxery of saying it would do things differently, its theories will not be put to the test for a few years yet, then when in power again they will take credit for turning things around.
  7. If every serving soldier signed the petition, you'd only just break the 100,000 mark that's required to force a debate in the HOC.

    That's not going to happen.

    I can't see many ex service personnel bothering either.

    My slant is, that these e-petition things are not all they're cracked up to be anyway.

    As has been said, it's all about money. Nothing else.
  8. Every service person has family, friends, brothers, sisters. Shame about your opinion of ex-servicemen too - I am one. FWIW it's set up now and people have the opportunity to vote with their feet. If noone is bothered only a couple of hours have been wasted writing and promoting it.

    As for petitions not working, the forestry sell off was stopped as a result of a petition because middle class dog walkers wanted a place to take tiggles to stretch his legs and didn't want the lovely view from their barn conversion blocked by a new housing estate.

    If enough people ARE bothered change can be made...it's not the Arab spring but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  9. No it can't. There's no more money in the pot. If the housing improvements were made then we'd lost something else to pay for them, simple as that. I'd probably rather lose the upgrade to accommodation than take a gamble on what would be cut instead if they kept it.
  10. I'm ex Army and I fully support every arm of our services.

    However, I don't think that an e-petition is going to work, that comes across as negative reaction I know, but I won't apologise for it.

    You'd be better off getting 1000 people with placards silently protesting outside Whitehall and getting Fleet Street on board.

    But it's about money. Cash. Wonga. Brass. Geld.

    I applaud your effort though.
  11. Where is money in defence budget to pay? The mod is skint but the fact that only now, after several very tough planning rounds has mod chosen to take this option arguably shows how keen mod has been to protect this work. It also sjows how dire things are that this is now seen as an acceptable option.
  12. Was that £1.6bn to pay for repairs to 'decaying' barracks, or part of the long-term aspiration to modernise all accomodation to SLAM standards?

    I seem to recall the argument over the infamous TA budget cuts in LAND being something to do with £200M required for repairs to accomodation...
  13. I massively disagree, A lot of people are saying that there isn't any money - what is this based on? Is this based on Liam Fox saying it or is any one saying it with authority. Has anyone a breakdown of what is being spent, why we're spending what we're spending for things and if there are any opportunities to redirect funds from failing procurement projects...or do people just swallow what they're fed?

    Maybe the MoD could pay less for lightbulbs for example...

    Defence dimbulbs pay 3,000% premium for illumination - £22 for a 65p bulb
  14. "They ain't got a pot to piss in", sorry.

    "They do not have a pot in which to piss", better.

    Its not so much what is being spent, it is more what has been [mis]spent.

    Failing procurement projects, are, in my very humble opinion the fault of the knob heads who undertook the studies, feasibility tests, user sampling, cost benefit analysis, tendering process, were wined, dined, promised post service or civil service jobs and who then ultimately put out the contract to their new friends - guilty in the knowledge that it would cost more of the tax payers money than if they had needed to spend their own money.

    Added to the procurement nightmare, sadly contracts get signed and the delivering organisation has to be paid whether the punter, possibly the MOD, finally wants the product or service or not.