e-petition re change to Disability Living Allowance

Gentlemen and Ladies,

The Department for Work and Pensions, have sneakily changed a rule in claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA), which could have quite serious re-percussions for those War Pensioners who either do not receive a 40% War Pension (and thus cannot claim War Pensioners Mobility Supplement- WPMS), and/or an 80% War Pension so cannot claim War Pensioners Constant Attendance Allowance (CAA). Most, have then to apply for Disability Living Allowance to top up their meager War Pensions. Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claimants (as they are not entitled to WPMS or CAA) also have to claim DLA if they need a Mobility Car and/or constant care.

This leaves a large amount of War Pensioners/AFCS Claimants to whom this change will apply (and I am one of them!) and thus could (and probably will) deprive them of their rightful benefits.

The circumstances are, that for a number of years, those with chronic and progressive illnesses who will never recover such as those with:

paraplegic, tetraplegic, or quadriplegic
both deaf and blind
double amputees
severely mentally impaired
over the age of 65
those with pre-April 1992 awards
cystic fibrosis
hyperkinetic syndrome
learning difficulty
multiple allergy syndrome
multiple sclerosis
motor neurone disease
neurological disease (including muscular dystrophy)
Parkinson's disease
total parenteral nutrition

have been exempted from a review of their DLA claim. Overnight (well in May 2007 but it is only now people have found out about this), they have removed the exemption from the reviews. Thus, should they be reviewed, there is a chance that their award can be taken away, not to mention what the stress of all this will cause to an already disabled person.

An e-petition has been set up on the 10 Downing Street Website, and could I ask as many of you to sign it. The link is:


Please remember, you could be a future War Pensioner or Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claimant and this could well affect you.

Many thanks

Pete (War Pensioner)


War Hero
To be honest i understand what you are saying however i do think that it is about time that changes were made.

Not because i think that those mentioned above do not deserve it, but because the system has been abused to the point of outrage, i could mention many cases from the streets up here, where people are claiming for "migrains" "irritable bowel syndrome" "chronic heroin addiction" etc etc.

If this change will sort out the wheat from the chaff, then surely the result will be a better service for those that truly deserve it and the skulkers will be told to walk.

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