E petition for foreign nationals to have health insurance cover visiting the uk

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nothing is going to come of this at all.
if we can't be arsed to check if people have passports how the **** are they going to whine about health insurance
The grey area is this - foreign nationals i.e. non-EU/EEA/Swiss are entitled to free emergency medical treatment at public expense and, ordinarily, no attempt would be made to recover costs. Non-emergency and elective treatment can be charged back to the recipeiient and non-payment can result in difficulty in obtaining visas in future. I believe that Parliament are going to review a change in the Immigration Rules whereby failure to py for medical treatment can result in a ten-year ban from entering the United Kingdom. The Americans do insist on health insurance but this does not prevent pregnant Nigerian women giving birth to their sprogs in the USA, thereby resulting in US Citizenship for said sprog who can, when they turn 21, petition for the family to join them in the good ole' USA. We can and do remove pregnant Nigerins for a primary change of purpose.


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And what about foreign nationals who are legally settled in the UK, working and paying taxes?

Are you going to ban them from the NHS?

If so, then I think my wife and I are owed 12 years of tax rebate for the payments we have made to support the high number of UK born people who are too idle to work and a health service you wish to ban my family from using.
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