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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ugly, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Now that those of us lucky enough to pay for a 4WD are helping the country to its feet, delivering meals on wheels, pulling 2 wd cars from ditches etc I thought it was time to point this little e petition out!
    Yes I know it will have very little effect but amazingly it got through with derogatory mentions about vegetarians, global warming, tofu and the guardian!
    Sign it, at least it will make the tax and waste crew under broon aware that we are pished off with paying for their mistakes! :x
  2. Have to disagree Ugly, if you can afford a big 4X4 and fill the tank up, then you can afford more tax.

    My car ? £35 a year to tax.
  3. You forget, as we use more fuel we are already payng vastly more tax on usage anyway.
    And as for affording more tax, many people need 4x4's, why should we be penalised for that need?
  4. So for a couple of days a year ( if it snows) all the Chelsea Tractor brigade get to pay the same as everyone else for something twice the size and weight?
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm not talking chelsea tractors but those of us in the sticks who use them daily and not for the school run!
  6. All taxes rise but i cant see in :) all honesty the tax for 4WD goping up to a thousand as is been bandied around
  7. Fair point, maybe a rebate for users who need them for work etc?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The oft quoted £1000 rise is a smokescreen so that half of that and people say that isnt too bad!
    To be honest if you dont complain then you wont be heard, at least we can prove they are ignoring us and therefore they can stick their internationational aid and charity for overseas things where the sun doesnt shine. That needs cutting first. Cut taxes and increase the incentive to work harder!

  9. Are we basing the argument for punative road tax costs on environmental reasons? If so I can dismantle that argument fairly convincingly.

    That aside, why is there any justification for punitive taxation just because the vehicle is a little larger?
  10. You pay a high tax if you have a bigger house, or if you earn more money?

    Personally I would scrap the car tax and add on to petrol prices, you do miles you pay the price.
  11. Well road tax is for maintainance and upkeep of roads, heavier the vehicle the more wear on said roads.
  12. In which case we might all question why we're paying road tax...you could hide a five-year-old in some of the potholes around here.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My vehicle doesnt weigh much more than any other plg and burns a lot less fuel, I can afford it as I paid £13k for a 1 year old ex demonstrator. It only cost me 3k more than my 1.3 Jimny 10 years ago!
    The most damage done to road surfaces on motorways is by lorries, allegedly most in the UK at any one time are foreign registered, the damage in urban environment is mainly done by buses. This I know from my job. We use a similar 4wd at work as does mant departments of the organisation I contract to and they choose these vehicles for durability and utility!
  14. So, what the weather like on Zarg at the moment?
  15. Ugly i'm in the same boat as you so have signed the petition and forwarded the link to a number of Land rover Forums