E McGookin "Airborne Brotherhood"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FCollins, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi there.

    Has anyone ever heard of a guy called E McGookin. Claim's to be ex-para

    Sells things on ebay associated with the SAS and Paras. In some auctions claims to be familiar with both and his auction location states he's in Hereford (of course...)

    The reason I ask is that he's selling this item


    Which was taken by, Claire Collins, wife of Frank Collins and friend to the other two men in the photo. The original is currently on the wall in the room I am in and we're a little stumped as to how he's got hold of a copy (perhaps photocopying it out of Frank's autobiography)

    I won one of his other auctions in order to get his contact details and I got his address, showing him to be in NI

    E. McGookin
    United Kingdom

    [Good CO edit to remove address]

    Does anyone know if this guy is genuinely ex-forces and has a legitimate way of getting hold of some of this stuff he's trying to flog or not? One of his auctions claim's he's an ex-para, and hints that he knew some of the men but we've asked around and no one has heard of him. I know how good you guys are digging so perhaps some of you may know.

    Thanks for the help
  2. Given the fact that you have the original in your present location i would think that he is obviously some kind of lost soul trying to make some cash from other peoples lives.
    At the same time given the circumstances surrounding those shown in photograph i find it a little disconcerting that someone would carry out this activity..best wishes to the families of those that lost their loved ones.
  3. if he is genuine, and you have just posted his name and address for all to see, then he may be getting a knock or two in the future. If I were you, i'd hope he is a walt !
  4. I did consider that before posting, however we've attempted to contact him through ebay and had no reply which can only lead me to the conclusion he is a walt.

    Also, that is a business address, not residential, and is easily available on the internet by googling his business name, so I'm don't think it's much of an invasion of privacy.

    Besides, if he is genuine and knew the men involved I'm sure he'd appreciate why i was doing this.
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

  6. Ah that'll be it. Thanks for the help.

    The original is colour so we did wonder why it's black and white, obviously copied from a newspaper or something on to that site.
  7. Got hold of him, he's admitted they're not originals but claims he didn't steal them from anywhere.

    Auctions are now over, pathetic that some people will stoop to forging things associated with dead men just to make £5
  8. Hi
    I know this guy and can confirm he does have connections with Para reg.I served with him not only with the Toms but also with the Argus mob working out of Aldergrove.(Anyone in the know will know who I am talking about.I also did free fall training with him in the French Pyrenees (again for the knowedgeable amongst you all) I also attended couses with him at Beaconsfield.
    Obviously the name and Id he goes under on E Bay is a non de plume as it would be bloody stupid to put a real ID on an open worldwide auction.The same reason that" Doc Halliday" is not my real monicle!.
    The work some of these guys were involved in was dangerious.They put their lives on the line and their are many people out there with scores to settle.Why do you thinl people like Andy Mcnab and Chris Ryan do not use their real names? For that matter why does McNab keep his ID hidden even after all these years?
    The very fact that someone appears to be using the name F Collins (Now that sounds familar doesn't it.....wonder where they got that from? ) has posted the details on a forum such as this proves the very reason why real Id's & addresses are not used..I keep my own personal details under wraps for that very reason!
    Anyone with any commonsense looking at his auctions since he registered on E Bay and has a 100% feedback gained over many years and the fact that he asks visitors to support Help For Heroes & through links links on his webpage and the fact that many of his sales give donations to the same must say something about the type of guy he is.
    I think that it would be sensible for forum readers not to judge guys like this on the whim of a faceless webuser with the name F Collins ,but to make their own minds up.!
    Do not judge a man until you walk a mile in his own shoes!
  9. Fixed that for you.

  10. I've got beer, just nipping out for popcorn, anyone want anything?
  11. 20 l&b silver :)
  12. That is one of the waltiest posts I have ever read, congratulations.
  13. I'm Brian, and so's my wife
  14. Looking at the other stuff he's selling ...ie SAS arrest card ..... Feck me I had one of those ,,
    Does that mean I was SASS and didn't know it ??? :? :lol:
  15. At which point, he's a mile away, in his socks. Whereas you now have two pairs of shoes (one of which is destined shortly to appear on Ebay as "Genuine SAS issue footwear") and are therefore eminently suited to judging the bloke as gullible, at the very least...