E-mail problems - multipart message in mime format

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Rodney2q, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi Chaps

    Over the past couple of weeks I have been receiving emails which appear blank (ie nothing in either the From or Subject boxes) but when opened show the following (or something similar):

    This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

    Content-Type: text/plain;
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

    This is on a business machine and most of the e-mails have come from either our suppliers or customers.

    Anyway, I have looked on the web but can't find anything which helps sort out the problem or even which really explains it.

    I particularly need to know if it is a problem on my PC or does it originate at the sender's PC? If the problem is on my PC how do I fix it?

    I am running Windows Live Mail on a standard PC with Windows 7 service pack 1. Our e-mail comes in via a BT Broadband link from a mailserver hosted by BT.

    This has started in the last couple of weeks. Any suggestions how to fix the problem?


  2. My guess is someone's emailing you attachments without an accompanying message, and your email client has failed to retrieve the attachments from the mail server. As I understand it, a POP3 mail client will only grab the message body, and not the attachment until you try opening it.
    The other possibility is the guy on the other end's trying to send a huge file, which isn't being accepted by the mail relays.

    Edited to add: Looks like the problem is on the other end http://www.enewsletterpro.com/articles/multi_part_mime_messages.asp
  3. Why are you using “Windows Live Mail” to send & receive e-mails when you are using “BT” as your e-mail provider? My second question is: Why, as a business, are you using “WLM” as your mail client, it is totally unsafe!!

    Your problem is that “WLM” no longer understands this format, some or the entire message becomes illegible. Add to which on March 15[SUP]th [/SUP]2013 Microsoft are switching off Windows Live. If you have Outlook or Outlook Express on your computer, configure that as your e-mail client. Alternatively download and install “Thunderbird” from this LINK
  4. By the way, isn't BT mail powered by Yahoo, and not Windows Live?
  5. BTYahoo is a collaboration that is in BETA and very unstable, using it requires an @yahoo.co.uk e-mail address. I am presupposing that "Rodney2Q" has an @btinternet.com. Also Windows Live is only the E-mail client and does not physically send the e-mail.
  6. Don't ask me - I don't do the techie stuff. I just set the PC up, installed the software and told it where to grab the mail from our bt host...


  7. Yes, we have the @btinternet.com account.

  8. I'll have a look at Thunderbird. Thanks

  9. More to the point, ask yourself why you're opening dodgy emails.