E Mail hacked?


I think my Hotmail e-mail address has been hacked - my mates keep getting random shit sent to them from my address, so it's a pretty good combat indicator!

Is there anything I can do, or do I need to open a new account?


Hi had that myself a couple of weeks ago.
just go to your hotmail contacts and create a nonsense contact ..ie aaaroon nobody@nowhere.com, that will go to top of contact list and will not send,it prevents the rest of your list being sent.
it does work.
you probaly got a spam/trojan message at some point, it would have logged your password, so it logs on sends to your email addresses, deletes the outgoing messages and logs out

simply change your password :)
Another thing to check is that you have not been adding dodgy Facebook apps etc
Whenever you click an agreement on these whe you think you are playing some amusing game you are granting access to your contact list and email information
If it continues after the password change then it is spoofing and pretending to be from your address

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