E Mail and personal security

Maybe not the completely correct place to put this but I feel it is a matter of current debate.

I got an e mail from my daughter today, one with an attachment about Alternative Advertising.

She works for a publishing company with no connections to the military but by virtue of the forwarding addresses I now have the following:

The forenames and surnames and in some instances appointments and rank of:
A number of people who work for a District Council
A number of the Social Services personnel from a County Council.
A number of people who work in Porton Down, famed for its Chemical work.
A number of people who work at an Army HQ.
A number of people who work for MOD Land and ATRA(?)
The Civil and Military telephone for some of the above.
And lastly the name of an SO3 G6 Comms with location.

I have generalised on these as there was more detail in respect of the Army HQ.

Now I don't know how others feel about this but I would have thought that it was a breech of your personal security to have these details being freely sent around the country on various e mails that have no connection with your work.

How do others feel about this and does it contravene security rules?
Would this happen to be one of those 'send it to all yer mates' type emails which is specifically forbidden on all MOD computer systems, for precisely this reason?

If that's what it is then all these people have broken the rules, and their persec breach is their own problem.

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