Discussion in 'Sappers' started by chimera, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The 2005 report is in Christmas edition of the Sapper (p 344 - 358). Useful stuff on Future Structures etc as well as the operational, training and manning updates.

    I will post a web link as soon as it is up on the RE Website
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  3. Cheers Chimera ... interesting reading, especially the bit about the corps losing 2% above the army average of personnel, but everyone keeps saying there isnt a problem !!!!

    still, gloss it over with tales of new commando Regiments and shiny new kit to play with and hopefully no one will notice the glaring deficiency in a once (reasonably) happy Corps... morale.


    cos if you dont you c unts you can play with your toys yourself, because no one else will be interested.
  4. On the bus / Off the bus... and the purpose of axeing 72 Tyne only to reform it was...?
  5. That sounds like it could be a problem, but isn't the Corps Massive in comparison to other Arms? I'm sure it was quoted somewhere in the region of 8,000 of us were in Gulf War 1? I'm probably way off the mark there and I'm sure someone will rectify that figure, but it is a big Corps all the same.
  6. I quote from the report:

    A year ago my predecessor reported that the need for multi-skilled soldiers was widely endorsed by operational commanders.

    Sort of contradicts the argument for not letting fitter/design trades do their B1 Cbt Engr course and follow a Cbt/Artisan career rather than being steam-rollered into G4 or Clerk of Works (as discussed in the recent thread in the Sapper Forum). More ammunition for cdn_spr from the EinC himself.
  7. the fact that even as "probably" the best corps in the army we are still losing men to civvy street as fast as you like must hit home to those people in the "puzzle palaces" that all is not rosey within the corps.
    not that it will bother any of them as they will still pick up their grossly inflated salaries & fly a desk awaiting getting decorated with a medal for nothing as per.
  8. Quote:

    "We all have an important role in retaining our soldiers, especially given the predicted, harder, recruiting climate ahead."

    Is that why, on an RE MCM Div visit and brief early this year the Col from glasgow basically told a full screw: 'Sign off if you want, we can promote to replace you.' I think the RCMOs office was abnormally busy for a few days after that well thought out remark!

    And is it also why, as TWIF pointed out, Glasgow would rather someone sign off than do a B1 course or stay combat stream!

    Things may look rosy to the EinC according to this report but I guarantee it doesn't reflect the situation on the ground. I find myself yet again on 24hrs NTM for most of next year because we haven't got enough blokes who've not signed off to make up the ORBAT. this is after already spending most of this year either in that horrible mountainous deserty place or at R1, and being denied course bid after course bid because 'You're a surveyor, we need you for LASS'. So, no courses for me this year either. Cheers f*&%ers.
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    So isn't that why the people in the "puzzle palaces" seemed to have got the MOD to make the Corps a whole lot bigger, when most of the rest of it is getting smaller? Go figure.
  10. granted the corps has grown in respect to the rest of the army but is this not more to do with the fact they have realised that they had trimmed our corps by far far too many on the redundancy clear outs & ended up with too many commitments & not enough trained engrs to go around in support. had this not have happened then all the regt/sqn's that are now having to reform to try & spread the workload would not be required, but i'm sure there were more underlying politics that went with those decisions & i ain't no politician, just a knocker.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Agree - But give some credit to the RE headshed that got uplifts to the Corps in both SDR and FAS as a result of knowing that all was not rosy in the Corps. It is for your benefit not theirs.
  12. again i agree with you that the heads of sheds have done the corps proud in the "shake up" of the forces, but they do seem to be failing at the lower level of retention for "sappers" you just need to look at the comment from "cdn_spr" to see that. that was the point i was trying to get across my friend, i do think if they sorted that out it would stop a lot of the pvr's/signing off, don't you think?
  13. watched a MCMdiv reply to a 12 year sapper and shoot him down in the same way at one of their "poop shows"(and they want to try and retain guys??)...fact is..why are lads leaving?? Is it down to their background/upbringing etc etc(the usual poop) or is it down to the system that's failing them? When i first got to a unit i was made to join the lads...do everything they did ...not gob off...and get down to some hard work and drinking..lol...everyone knows you can't say boo to a new guy without worrying about it...amongst other things..like AGAI 64(or whatever else it's called) retention starts as soon as they join up....laugh?yeah... i am :? We can't blame the NCO's...we need to look higher..or maybe at our training regime...to me it sucks. Enough said ...soapbox removed...bed laid out..tchuss :wink:
  14. I found that most of the time it was the system , ( not including the oxygen thieves as they just didn't want to play soldier any more ) why most people signed off , how can you keep guy's interest levels up if all you do is patch paint waggons all the time , check stores , ces and such , take me for instance I was due to get out in march 97 and was sent to the Falklands in September 96 and got back in the end of Jan 97 I was thinking of signing back on until that point , so most of my so called excellent resettlement package went out of the window , it's now all water under the bridge for me, and I'm in a far happier place , but if lads a still getting messed around and give nothing in return , how can you expect them to stay in