E-Goat Pint n Pizza Appeal

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E-Goat have just launched their charity appeal for this year. We have decided that it will be a two pronged attack, we will be collecting for the Defence Medical Welfare Services (DMWS) at Bastion and Basrah and also raising money for the Royal College of Defence Medicine (RCDM) welfare fund at Selley Oak.

For the DMWS we will be collecting things such as (all male and female of course)T-Shirts, underwear, shaving gel, shower gel, DVD's, Computer games etc etc etc. These are all things that are in short supply at the Field Hospitals.

For RCDM Welfare fund, we are raising money to help them provide decompression for the guys in Selley Oak under the guise of the Pint 'n' Pizza appeal. In essence the fund is for the good and benefit of the service personnel and the families during the initial very traumatic period when they arrive at Selly Oak. It is also used for the patients as they begin their recovery and rehabilitation.

If you want more information, have a read here

I'm sure you'll agree that these small charities do a lot of very good work where it matters and as such need your support. So please have a look and see if you can help.

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