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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chosen, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Hello. Just registered. I left the royal green jackets ten years ago. I know there are units nearer to me (I'm in Liverpool and e coy is Shrewsbury) but part of 4 Mercian is rifles, which is a big issue for me.

    I've seen online that there is a patrols/recce platoon there which is also a big attraction. I'm 32 years old so it's pretty much now or never. Before I start the process I wanted to ask if anybody on here knows a bit about them. I believe they've recently returned from a tour. Is there a chance they will deploy again in the next couple of years or is there a possibility or deploying with other rifles units, and is it a good company to join if I want to get a lot of training/courses and be involved a lot?

    All advice is appreciated.

  2. This is the best recruited Infantry Company either side of the of 42/143 Brigades

    B Company
    4 Mercian
    Ubique Barracks
    Peel House Lane
    WA8 6TH
    Telephone: 0151 495 2437
  3. I suggest you ignore anything that max556mm spouts, clearly a very misguided and confused person.

    Not been involved with them for some time but,

    E (RIFLES) Coy are a good company, strong and closely knit company.

    You won't be the first ex RGJ from Liverpool way in the Company, one of them having just recently returned from HERRICK.

    Travel on a Tuesday evening would be covered however you may find that the time and distance affects your home life, however the pull is to the Cap badge which I understand.

    Patrols Platoon was never really a starter, more of a red herring to be dangled in the face of the Company while the rest of the Mercian Companies got some sort of Support element at their locations, both the FUSILIERS and RIFLES lost any resemblances of a Support Platoon on the amalgamation to 4 MERCIAN. Also there is no RECCE role held by the Battalion at the moment.

    Next deployment is HERRICK 17 next year which you'll miss and 19 beyond that.

    You will have to attend Phase 1 again.
  4. However, not the fittest recruits in the Battalion.

    Now I'm going to ask again nicely, stop spouting crap, please
  5. Waitout, thanks for the reply. I've been in touch with the guy from Liverpool you mentioned and asked him if I could tag along next time he's going down. Cheers for the info.
  6. Going down tomorrow with all my documents.

    Here we go again, fourteen years later.

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  7. It'll all come flooding back, all those memories, like why you signed off in the first place!

    Lashings of stag pie please sir!