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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dannyc, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. I decided to join E Company - 7 Rifles in Milton Keynes in the end. I handed in all my paperwork on Tuesday. Just waiting to hear when selection is i guess. Does anyone have any recommendations for a job role (other than rifleman) ?

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. Mate, It says on E coy's webpage that you can specialise as a mortar man. My understanding is that the mortar specialisation is unique to E coy however you can specialise in any of the other trades available to infanteers. This includes becoming a driver, signaller, medic and several others.

    I'm in the process of joining myself(F Coy) so dont quote me on that! Someone in the know should be able to give you the right info

    Btw have you been told the minimum time required for the 1.5mile run at ADSC?? I keep getting conflicting info like 10.30mins and 14 mins. I'm running 10.37 average atm so I'm a bit worried.
  3. 7 Rifles? why not 3 Royal Anglian in Northampton?
  4. @ sotonbound: I was told that it was 1.5miles in 11:30. But its actually 14mins. I know this for a fact as I'm due to do selection on the 11th October i think and i've been given a requirements list.

    @ Suited_And_Booted: I did originally go to the 3 Royal Anglian in Northampton. But when i got there it looked like they only had a tiny little room inside a REME barracks and every time i called up for information i got put through to someone who didn't know what was going on and to be honest they didn't seem to care whether i joined them or not. So i went to a recruitment night in Milton Keynes and they showed me around, spent some time talking to me about what i wanted and what was best for me. Gave me all the paper work, they even helped me fill it all in for god sake. They called me every other week to make sure everything was alright and if i needed help with anything etc. Really nice staff at the 7 Rifles barracks. If someone or at least anyone called me back from 3 Royal Anglian then i would have joined them but they didn't. Thanks for asking though.
  5. Cheers dannyc, I found out its 14mins too. I think 10.30 is after CIC. Good luck with your selection, I have mine in exactly a weeks time.
  6. I'd recommend spending some time as a rifleman learning the basic skills before you start looking around. As has already been said, E Coy has a Mortar Platoon. There are plenty of other opportunities available to you. Speak to your section commander or Platoon Sarjeant once you have completed your recruit training.
  7. come to g coy.i'll go halves with you on the £200 recruiting reward.plus weve got a better bar!!! :wink:
  8. Officially baffled - Why join the Rifles and not be a rifleman. Feckin' good start I say. Once your waist measurement is larger than your IQ or height, go SP Coy. :wink:
  9. :lol: Thanks for the invitation! The East End didn't quite take my fancy when I was considering which Rifle unit to join! Have to admit that F Coy's bar is too small but its small enough to fit everyone in after a drill night!

    Btw who's getting my recruiting reward then :p , the Sgt Maj?
  10. Danny,

    check your PM's
  11. The very, very best soldiers will try to be a Mortar Fire Controller.

  12. I take it you're an MFC BB
  13. Danny
    Your selection will consist of the following:

    Arrivals & safety brief
    OC's opening address
    BARB test
    Military skills lesson
    Physical selection standards (recruits)
    Risk reduction run
    TA terms and conditions of service presentation
    Military skills practical test
    Team tasks
    Military skills written test
    OC's closing address

    The RRR time for all potential recruits, you are not a recruit until you have passed selection, no matter what arm, service, age or sex is 14 minutes. If you pass selection and if then you complete phase 1 and 2 training you time for a 2.4km run is reduced, this is dependant on age/sex, however an male of 30yrs or under will be expected to complete the distance in 10 minutes 30 seconds or less.

    There are three possible outcomes from you visit to ADSC (P), pass, fail or deferment.

    Do not worry too much about 'what you want to do' in your respective unit. For the first 3 to 6 months you will be a soldier under training, you should concentrate solely on that. After you have become a fully trained soldier (in your case) you will be a rifleman in an infantry company. If your unit has a support weapons platoon you will at some stage be cross trained in that role. Unless you have some special skill to offer, ie if you are already a trained vehicle mechanic, then you could possibly be part of you units LAD, however, if you join an infantry unit you WILL be an infantryman.
  14. Brew boy? :)
  15. Only the elite few ever make it as one BB!! :wink: