E-Cigs, Anyone else using them? Quitting smoking?

As per the title,
Been a smoker for 24 years, the last 10 on rollies, nowt serious (ie 40 a day) A casual 10ish a day and 40 on weekends.
Tried 5 times to quit and my record was 3 months.

So this year I hear about these e-cigarettes.
Basically they are battery powered vapourizers that remo0ve all the smoke, tar, carbon monoxide etc etc.

I picked up one of these corkers:


Genesis Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid. electronic cigarette 510 kit

My 3rd day without normal fags, And I've been through a hundred or so 'vapes' or puffs in these 3 days.
I can say I haven't had any urges for a normal tab, Havent couged for a full day now, fcuk me!!!
It's weird, I can honestly say that looking ahead after maybe a month or so of doing this, working my way down from 2.4mg to 0mg (the fluids you can buy), I can see myself kicking the vaping and hence being nicotine free.
Time will tell but I'm being optomystic here (as well as sitting IN THE HOUSE at my desk with a bottle of broon ale and this thing hanging out my trap)
The "tobacco flavour" that comes with it is a bit naff i rekon, might try some other flavours when its time to buy a refill.
My lass can't even tell I'm puffing away, There is a smoke/vapour, but it dissapates in seconds with no smell at all.

Maybe 'staggin on' on ops will have a new friend, Cant see shit, cant smell shit...get yer nicotine here! :excited:

Anone else care to input?

EDIT: Also Dii freindly with the USB charger, hehe some civvies are reporting being able to smoke them at work and on planes!!!!


Robbo, there's a long thread in the Health & Fitness forum on this very subject, quite recently. I think it's called "Electric Cigs, fact or fantasy?" You'll find loads of replies there. Good luck.
ahh bollocks, I searched for "e-cig" and "e-cigarette" which turned up nowt.

Can a mod merge this with that thread please

Cheers for that
Robbo I have no idea if you have tryed this avenue but It worked for me, have a look at Allen Carr's Easy Way to stop smoking the book works out about the same price as 40 fags and despite being a cynic It worked for me.

Best of luck Ten
I use a Clearsmoke E-cig. It's "ok" I suppose, certainly stops you crawling the walls desperate for a smoke but it just doesn't seem to "take me over the hill". Have survived several long flights using it - even when they announced E-cigs were not to be used (Monarch).

I started on Champix the day before yesterday. I am at work now and have my e-cig by me. By now I've normally had 3 or 4 normal cigs as well. I've had none so far.
Smoked for 30 years, got an e-cig and not touched a tab for nine months. The missus and kid can no longer hear me coming by the cough and running for the bus is a piece of piss. The e-cig costs about 4 quid a month to run. There are plenty of forums out there so you can decide if it's for you.
Champix all the way. 33 years smoking, was on 40 a day - now smoke free :)
I tried Champix the first time around over a year ago but failed due to enjoying smoking too much. With a kid on the way I have more incentive now. I can feel it working already. I've not had a cig since 18:00, and only then it was due to habit, on the way to work in the car. I'd normally be gasping for another smoke by about 19:00.

Cracking side effects wrt dreams as well! ;)
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