E-cigs and cardio


Since I start training later this year I figured smoking will do me no favours, so I'm going to make an attempt at stopping.
I was wondering about the new e-cig craze, and if they affect cardio as severely as ordinary cigarettes? Google shows mixed results, I was wondering if any health and fitness buffs on here could provide me with a solid source on it.
I vape and I smoke socially.

I cycle to work and I can always feel the tightness of my lungs after a night on the cigs.

That's not science. Just personal experience.

The gold standard would be to bang it on the head totally.

Just quit. I was a serious smoker of roll ups, loved them and would still smoke like a Chinese power station if they were not so bad for you. Giving up isn't as hard as you would think. Get some patches off your local NHS quit scheme I found them quite helpful and even enjoyed the funky dreams that came with them. Feel a lot better now and I'm five years down the track.
Sad thing is they now do smell vile when you are in the company of a smoker.

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