E-cigarettes face new restrictions

Gotta love it, they'll even campaign against e ciggies


Campaigners say the growing popularity of e-cigarettes could undermine years of anti-smoking efforts, with particular concerns about promotion to children and non-smokers.

So without the smoke to moan about they switch targets.

"Marketing of these products must now be closely monitored to ensure non-smokers and children don't end up using them."
From the article

"Jeremy Mean of The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said the government had concluded that e-cigarettes currently on the market do not meet appropriate standards of safety, quality and efficacy."

so maybe some more homework is a good idea.Who knows what affects these things will have in 10 - 15 years time?
Is there actually an agreed "standard" to these things, or at least to what the vaporiser vaporises?

Ain't as if it's like the NiQuitin inhalers, which are controlled to some sort of standard, seems like these things are totally unregulated and that means there's no clue about what you might be breathing in, and since we're talking about something that can be used like the aforementioned inhaler then you should know what you're polluting your lungs with.

PS. I smoke like a chimney, I ain't no anti-tobacco nazi. But I don't trust them things in the slightest.
The powers to be are worried they are about to take off big time....

They are looking to restrict supply and use until the can figure out how to regulate them for taxation..

Even the bloody EU are looking to bring in a regulatory framework.
They need to replace the revenue lost by decreasing cig sales - simple as that ...
What revenue loss?

They raise the duty to keep the revenue circa £10Billion per year, as it has been for a LONG time, so nothing is actually "lost".

Of course, that means there's more "illicit" tobacco out there, brought in by the truckload, that no duty is paid on so whilst the amount of "legal" tobacco sales drop the amount of "illegal", duty free, tobacco sales rises.

Everyone wins, especially as the government gets to claim that the policies of reducing tobacco sales means that people are not smoking as much so it is "a good thing".

Cutting the duty would mean a hell of a lot more "revenue" would be raised, as the "illegal" sales would drop, but that would not be "a good thing" as it would be encouraging people who do smoke to actually buy their smokes legally and show what the true tobacco consumption in the UK actually is.
Hmm regulation on e-cigs.
As a non-smoker I do wonder when I see the various chavvy stalls set up in various shopping centres selling these bits of kit exactly what they are putting into inhalers that some will be sucking hard on to get their nicotine fix. Our illustrious government looking after our welfare of course is what legislation will be about.

On the other hand, as others who are as cynical as me have pointed out, a good way of taxing something else to top up the coffers.

Who knows?


Kit Reviewer
I suspect that there's really **** all they can do on taxing them. Getting 5000 eciggie capsules through customs should be a damn site easier than 5000 of their Tobacco bretheren.

Of course they are moaning. The original Fake Charity ASH needs to justify the money it is given by the government to lobby government to change the law.
The smoke in e-cigs is the stuff they used to blow about at discos. There are two main products used, one vegetable based and the other plastic. The "natural" one can lead to anxiety and depression; I know from first experience!

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