E Blueys Replaced By INtouch Mail Service

As of the 1st April 17 E Blueys have been replaced by a new system called INtouch mail service

Details of the new system can be found here,

INtouch mail service for UK armed forces personnel: service guide - GOV.UK

Defence Minister Mark Lancaster has announced a new mailing system for friends and family to send letters to personnel around the world.
The new contract with Neopost will mean Britain’s Armed Forces will continue to receive hard copy, secure mail, including photos, from their loved ones, for free and with no break in service as the new imail INtouch system takes over from the e-bluey on 1 April 2017.

The new imail INtouch system will allow users to send up to eight pages, including high definition photographs and official documents. The old e-bluey system that is being replaced only allowed single pages to be sent and did not support high definition photographs. Use of the e-bluey has dropped by 98% since 2007, with the same fixed cost, meaning it no longer provided value for money for the taxpayer.
From Here;
Improved mail service ensures loved ones can stay in touch - GOV.UK
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