e-bluey = excellent


Dear All,

If any of you are not aware of the e-bluey system (https://www.superletter.com/bfpo/bfpo.cfm) I can strongly recommend it.

I have just heard back from one of my soldiers who was delighted to know that the squadron had not forgotten about him.

It takes a couple of minutes to sign up for the service, which is free to use and you can send up to 4 pages of text at once.

Probably a good system overall but I know of one case at least where the in-theatre address was correct but it was still returned to the soldier's unit in UK.....not good. :(


Eagle don't be such a pessimist! Shirt happens!

You know of one case where that has happened, I know of hundered of women who log on each night and are really pleased with this excellent system and have had no problems! Myself being one... ;D :-X

I think it's fantastic! ;D ;)

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I think its a great system and has helped me out numerous times in the past

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