E-bay, why are they so secretive?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. If anyone in here has ever used or still uses E-bay. Have you ever become frustrated by the lack of support & the fact everything they have is automated.

    You can never reach a human on that website. They seem to have any form of human contact deeply buried!.

    Ive sent them a few mails in my time and always seem to get the same named person at the end of the e-mail?.

    It's just like calling your bank in the morning and the person on the other end wishing you good evening when you finish the call. Somebody needs to tell these operators abroad we are quite a few hours behind them!.
  2. Thats why they are such a profitable company, they dont even need to employ people in India to operate call-centres. They just have one big fat guy chained to a computer who knows everything!!
  3. It's barely worth using these days anyhow.
    A victim of it's own success to some extent.
  4. Ive started using a British based auction site. You get real human replies with 24 hours!. Far cheaper fee wise than E-bay..
  5. And how long will it be before that website goes down the same route as Ebay???
  6. Never I hope because it was created by listening to the complaints e-bay cutomers had. These complaints are the ones E-bay wish not to listen too, selective reading they have!.