E-Bay so helpful....not a chance

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by scarletto, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Right, some guy who was selling WW2 Aircraft bits n bobs, listed what he would have for sale, and among it was a wallet still full of its contents, now the guy is or was one of those who looked for shot down Battle of Britain aircraft, on another forum i pollute, i said i thought this was wrong, that this wallet should be returned, either tot he German Embassy or M.O.D

    Well lo and behold the listing an hour later was changed and the wallet removed, so i contacted E-Bay telling them of everything that occured,as obviously the seller had made a faux pa by listing the wallet, if he had nothing to hide,why remove the mention of the wallet 8O

    So here is E-Bays helpful reply

    Thank you for your email. I understand your frustration with this
    situation. Please remember that, although we're commonly referred to as an online auction website, we're not a traditional auctioneer.

    Our site is a venue where anyone can offer, sell and buy just about
    anything, at anytime, from anywhere, in a variety of formats. At no
    point do we have possession of anything listed or sold through the site.

    Because eBay is not involved in the actual transaction between Buyers
    and Sellers we have no control over:
    - the quality, safety or legality of the items
    - the truth or accuracy of the listings
    - feedback or other content posted by users on the site
    - the ability of sellers to sell items
    - the ability of buyers to pay for items
    - whether a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction

    We have a User Agreement and a set of policies that outline what we
    expect from our members. Our feedback system allows members to flag
    other members who don't live up to expectations.While we can limit or suspend member accounts, we don't have the powers
    of the police or the courts. This means we can't mediate or take sides
    in a dispute, make decisions for a user, force a user to fulfil their
    obligations at the end of a listing, or initiate a criminal
    investigation against a user.

    Again, I sympathise with your predicament and I hope this information
    clarifies our position for you.

    Kind regards,

    Katie Meadows
    eBay Trust & Safety

    Actually what she is saying is Scam away,offer what you want,dont send it or whatever.
  2. Last year some muppet was selling Mines Risk Education posters (new ones from SE Asia) on e-bay. I complained as I believed it to be un-ethical as this material is produced by a not-for-profit organisation and it also denied the material to the population who needed it ie those actually affected by mines/UXO.

    E-bay sent the same reply to me as you received although I did get the guy to withdraw the material ... he probably sold it elsewhere.

  3. Stopped using EScam a while ago. Got ripped off and their attitude was "Yeah and?"

    While there are many genuine sellers on there there are countless scammers, fraudsters and general w@nkers and ebay just dont give a toss as long as they keep making money.
  4. Almost didn't recognise you there K13!!! New Avatar?!
  5. Bored with Python at the moment ... OD'd on it over Christmas :D