E-Bay fraudsters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geo7863, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. I dont know if this is the right place to put this post, any MODs please feel free to move it if you see fit.

    I have recently been contacted by two individuals giving me second chance offers on things that I have unsuccessfully bid for..

    One was for a £500 watch and the other was for a £2500 motorbike.

    the e-mails they sent looked exactly like the proper e-bay second chance offer, but they had private e-mail addresses and not the sellers e-bay nomme de guerre. I contacted the original seller in both cases just to be sure.

    these are the e-mail addresses to be carefull of in cae any of you fine folks recieve such bogus second chance offers

  2. Oh I forgot to add in each case they wanted my full name and address so that they could 'verify the shipping costs' (shipping a bike from wilts to essex...mmmm me thinks not!!)

    clearly an attempt at identity theft here!!
  3. I had some chancer asking when an item he had bought from me would be despatched.

    Mmmm. I'd never sold anything on ebay.

    The screen was a copy of the ebay screen but ebay. net rather than .co.uk
    Hit reply and was asked to "verify" my details.

    As if!

    Forwarded it to ebay.
    Let them sort him out
  4. If you have the time, keep them going with nonsense addresses and bank details and false addresses........preferably of someone you dont like ;-)
    This is a good site for hints on how to deal with these people:
    419 Eater
  5. I tried to offer the guy who tried to 'sell' me the motorbike a deposit if he sent me his bank details, but he wouldnt bite!!
  6. Don't reply with anything - these bstds are infiltrating anything where there is finance involved. Egg heeds would call this 'phishing'. Even a reply email, regardless of content, confirms that you exist and that any information they may have already picked up on you is current.
    Delete is the best policy.
  7. I have a car on autotrader...... two scammers have already tried offering western union shit to me and want my name and address......


    Also had a second buy chance via "ebay" scamming twats!
  8. Always forward stuff like this to spoof@ebay or spoof@paypal, at least they are actively going after crims (unlike UK police, who are not interested in receiving details of Nigerian or eBay scams....)
  9. Download the eBay toolbar. It actually tells you if you re on a kosher eBay or Paypal site.
  10. Yes, been there but the email was GENUINE, as in from a buyer who had bought a genuine article but just not from me so I sent it off to eBay via the spoof email address and they told me it wasn't a scam but a mistake.

    I told them it was THEIR mistake and would they kindly ensure that it didn't happen again as it did appear that my email address had been somehow attached to the article sold.

    Still waiting for a reply of course.
  11. I've had a recent swathe of genuine " Your favourite seller's new items" emails - except none of these (also genuine) sellers is someone I've bought from or tagged as a FS. I get the feeling that eBay itself might be doing this as a business boost....
  12. I´ve been ripped-off a few times on e-bay,luckily not on anything really expensive;But e-bay do jack-sh+t about it other than send e-mails offering to claim on my behalf for costs at many times the original loss!

    Also there´s lots of copiers of Nav C´Ds around,one even had the cheek to send his full address etc,just wondering whether to `shop`him to Becker for a free Navi! :twisted:
  13. Best way to determine if they are legit email from ebay is to hover over the buy now link or the other one asking for your details and see if it has ebay.co.uk or ebay.com in the address.

    Be warey though as they sometimes register domains like www.ebay.co.uk.cgi.net.reject.com as you can see this isnt an ebay domain but actually the real domain is reject.com the last part of the domain is always the main domain name so keep that in mind.

    The parts before the main domain are just sub domains and these can be called anything you like. eg. nigerian.scammer.fcukers.arrse.co.uk could be setup and pointed to any page on any site.

    Just my two pence worth, hope it helps
  14. I have thses types of emails , asking me to give my bank detail , paypal password to "verify " that there isn't anybody masquerading as me, mmm yeah right, I wasnt born yesterday, i also treat second chance offers with the contempt they deserve even if its a genuine one, as it usually 2 mates one selling the other bumping up the prices, once i reach my max bid i usually stop there, (unless the item is rare and unusual) i refuse to entrtain any second chance offers, they would have to relist the item and pay ebay.

    yes Ebay customer service is shite, i have been ripped off twice and i still haven't got my money back, tw@ts, i now rarely use ebay because of that
  15. If i get any e-mails from sellers I always ignore them, then go and look at 'My Messages' on the 'my Ebay' page. If they are there too, then they are genuine.

    I do the same with ebay invoices too.