E-Bay fraud - latest e-mail doing the rounds...

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. Yet another dodgy attempt to hack into paypal/ebay. Great lingo: 'bruteforcing attempts' sound fun.

    As ever, if you get anything like this, don't click on links but forward the whole thing to spoof@ebay.co.uk and they will confirm pretty quickly whether it's genuine.

  2. And another one.... designed to worry. The link takes you through to a rogue site which tries to capture your Ebay data and credit card information. Note the way it hints that you have already given your pin!

  3. Thanks FS, good tip. As in this case. a combat indicator of many of these fraudulent messages is that the English is slightly dodgy. Having said that, (a) correct spelling and grammar is no guarantee; (b) some of the best ARRSE posts would be ignored if dodgy English was the only test. :wink:
  4. are you suggesting that less literate arrse posters are all part of an Albanian ebay fraud ring? ;)
  5. I think he is suggesting that some of the less than literate arrse posters are rings :twisted:

    Or perhaps that you should post your ring on arrse if it is illiterate? 8O

    Can't work out who is Albanian? Is that a user on this site ;)

    Ghost :D
  6. A slightly better one than usual...

    I forwarded it to spoof@ebay.com, and they confirmed it was a fraud.