E-bay and the BFPO service

Discussion in 'RLC' started by blue69, Aug 14, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone please shed some light on the recent problem with selling items on E-bay and then posting them via the Bfpo system.
    the poor excuse that i have been given is that if you are running a business you are not allowed to use the BFPO system, understandable in some respects. However if i sell things on E-bay because i no longer want them and they are filling my house up i am still unable to use the BFPO system even though i am making little to no profit, all my goods are TAX PAID and are second hand so why am i unable to use it.
    My argument is that if the BFPO post office shows and trades under the banner of The Royal Mail then surely they must work to these standards. if i wanted to send a parcel to germany that has been purchased from e-bay this is fine so why not the other way around?
    please reply soon as i am getting negative feedback and my parcels are being returned. :roll:
  2. just tell the stamplicker at whatever you send the parcels that they are gifts. Either way as long as you are paying for the postage who can stop you as long as you not selling anything illegal.
  3. After speaking with our local Postman Pat, he told me it alls stems from a SSGT @ Guterslou who was kicking the arrse out of selling stuff on ebay and was done by HM Customs. I think Customs are a bit twitchy 'cause some guys just haven't got much common and are selling Tax Free items i.e. electrical items and importing them into UK.

    Also there is still a legal obligation to inform the Inland Revenue on any monies made from any sales whether your in buisness or not.

    And don't forget old Mr Customs still has to justify his job out here, so hekeeps his cushy job and doesn't get posted back to some isolated port counting fishing quotas.

    One other thing if your posting to outside UK, use the Bundes Post it's much cheaper and they dont ask questions.
  4. Send them through the German Post. More expensive but a Whale sandwich less troublesome.
  5. At least they are getting returnted to you, mine just seemed to go missing. Still I was selling dodgy copies of Sat Nav software, so musn't complain too much !
  6. My current experience with BFPO and their "no onward contract" bollox is :

    They're all CNUTS!

    It simple. Army sends me here. I want my mail. Send it to me. I don't care who/where it came from. You're sh1t! :evil:
  7. So why do they hang the 'Royal Mail' sign, sell 'Royal Mail' stationary and packaging, then turn round and tell their 'customers' that they "are BFPO" and "you can't send that"?

    What about all the wifies who spend their lives returning things to the catalogues once they've worn them once.... isn't that illegal too? That hasn't been stopped in the last 20 years has it?l
  8. Speaking of wifeys and catalogues! I was under the impression that I couldn't get catalgoue items delivered to my BFPO. But being the resourceful kinda chick I am, I thought I'd give it a go. Hey Presto, no problems, as long as it is a small package and not a years supply of clothes. Six months down the line, still ordering away, thought I'd get myself a new bikini. The top arrived and there was a 3 week delay on the bottoms. Hey ho, next thing you know, they've sussed me out and no more catalogue parcels for me. Past the return date for sending the top back, so now I have paid for half a bikini and can't get the other half. So wherever you go keep an eye out for some bird with her boobies covered up but no knickers on. :)
  9. FB - are you having a bad day over there? Want me to send you any welfare [food] parcels to cheer you up?
  10. Here ain't the problem, it back sausage side that they are particularly bad.

    Recent claims are that the French customs won't allow the mail truck through because they've changed the required paperwork.

    (AKA we've employed a contracter that was cheaper, but he clearly didn't know what was required but we'll let him off because there is a senior ex offr on the board/we couldn't enforce a contract if we tried/the alternative is us working!)
  11. We will, vrb.biatch :lol:

    But this is ridiculous. I can't understand why on earth BFPO would interfere with personal mail from UK to BFPO. No customs implications surely.

    Maybe their decision is based on fashion criteria? :wink:

    Seriously though, at first glance this seems inexcusable. Have I missed something?
  12. It's not because Billly Smarts circus are having to make the bottom half is it? :D