E-bay allow the selling of stolen items!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Was browsing thhrough E-bay earlier, came across an item that is still officially owned by an Government Agency. Now in my books that means the item has been stolen to be sold on to any member of the public.

    I contacted E-bay who replied with the following:

    Please remember that,
    although we are commonly referred to as an online auction web site, we
    are not a traditional auction house.

    Our site acts only as a venue to allow anyone to offer, sell, and buy
    just about anything, at anytime, from anywhere, in a variety of formats.

    Because eBay is not involved in the actual transaction between Buyers
    and Sellers we have no control over:

    - the quality, safety or legality of the items

    Pure evidence that they will let anyone sell stolen property and not take action!!.
  2. I am not doubting you since you give no eBay referance number to look at - But how do you know the item is still officially owned by an Government Agency? If you go to any major surplus store (Anchor Supplies in Nottingham for example) you will find Government Marked Equipment which has been legally disposed of in better condition than that which you may be using at work. In this I do not just mean Military Surplus but other Government Departments as well.
  3. Lets just say:

    any equipment issued at public expense for the purpose of carrying out an official duty is public property, and not to be disposed of by the person to whom it was issued.

    Hopefully E-bay might deal with it, very much doubt it though.
  4. I dont think they're too bothered, after all they let this guy sell a Scud missile launcher!!!!!!!!

    AN ENTERPRISING military expert from Cambridgeshire is selling a scud missile complete with mobile launcher on auction website eBay.

    Taking bids: Missile man Mr Moore Richard Moore, 39, is offering the deactivated missile and its massive mobile launcher for £22,500.

    He believes the launcher is the only one of its kind in civilian hands after most were scrapped following peace deals between the US and the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

    The ultimate big boy's toy, the Zil 135 Frog (Free Range Over Ground) Russian missile launcher is being sold for £19,000.

    Mr Moore is offering the deactivated missile for £3,500.

    The monster truck - which only has 2,200 miles on the clock - is believed to have come from the Ukraine.

    Mr Moore, who has been selling Russian trucks from his home in March for the last seven years, said: "These are extremely rare, and were most sought-after by the US military for destroying.

    "The Taliban had two of these and a lot of Northern alliance and US special forces were used in tracking them down and destroying them as they were a credible threat.

  5. That goes for Public or Private Sector equipment as well! If it is taken without consent then it is THEFT. In which case report it to the Police.

    But you are still not backing up your claim with the eBay item number. Or is that covered by the Officail Secerts Act of Opsec/Persec? Which I doubt very much.
  6. Marvellous, I've been looking for somewhere to get rid of some smack.
  7. Wasn't there one parked at Duxford not so long ago? Along with all the attendant kit.

    And If the story is right they got hold of two, one went to Duxford the other was flogged to some Colonial museam. Where the US Customs pitched a fit about importing a Scud and seized it.

    Until someone pointed out what would be needed to fire it.
  8. eBay are selling a fully working army camp.
    even with soldiers going about there normal working ways.
    also the regiment is fully operational.

    want to know what regiment i am talking about.

    maby later.
  9. theres a scud in RAF Spadeadam in full working order the RAF use it for target aquisition
  10. I take it this is a reference to some Police equipment?
    If so it's surplussed and sold on in exactly the same fashion as green kit.
  11. It's a helmet from the now disbanded Royal Parks Constabulary. However the helmet and any RPC equipment are still the legal property of the Royal Parks Agency who are still in existance.

    Hence the comment of :

    any equipment issued at public expense for the purpose of carrying out an official duty is public property, and not to be disposed of by the person to whom it was issued.

    Which was issued by the head of policy of the Royal Parks Agency.
  12. I dont want to hurt any feelings here, the Royal Parks Agency are clearly dear to your heart, but I fear that no one gives a sh*t. Out.

    Cheers Easy!
  13. Never worked for them so dont presume unless you have your facts correct, which you clearly have not. OUT!
  14. I never claimed that what I was saying was fact, nor did I infer that you worked/had worked for the Royal Parks Agency. So calm yourself down and take a deep breath.
  15. And what did the 'Royal Parks Agency' do with the now obsolete 'Royal Parks Constabulary' equipment? Destroy it or dispose of it? Or put it in a cupboard and forgot about it? Seen plenty of superseded Metropolitan Police kit about, and thats still in existence as well. Disposed of by a designated person I would think...... Much as the DSDA do for the MoD