Dyspraxic and dyslexic ex-gunner?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by J2429, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Not sure where to post this so Mods please move if necessary.

    My other half's son in law claims to have done three years in the Royal Artillery.
    He's thirty two now and said it was sixteen years ago, so I assume Juniors.

    He's got dyslexia, dyspraxia and Aspergers, is a bit too slow on the uptake and seems happy on benefits.
    When he asked about pricing policy in my shop I told him I did 10% discount for serving and former
    members of HM Forces with proof of service e.g. ID card or Red Book.

    Looked at me totally confused when I said Red Book and didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

    What I'm asking is would it be likely that someone with his problems (dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.) could have
    been in the Gunners?
  2. Thought Aspergers was mandatory for the Gunners.
  3. Aspergers is a bar to entry (even in the Artillery)
  4. From what I have read about Bletchley Park in WW2 and GCHQ currently, many of the Maths Brains and code breakers had Aspergers Syndrome, although they didnt call it at the time, I guess.
  5. Those things may not have been diagnosed before he was recruited. It is just possible that it was the Army that got him the diagnosis and then discharged him.
  6. Probably after his dyslexia caused him to mix the target co-ordinates up.
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  7. They weren't working with high explosive or anything else that went boom.

    And they didn't call it Aspergers because they probably didn't know it was even a condition.
  8. The red book was stopped some time ago, not sure when. A search on here for 'red book' might reveal the answer. Still get a certificate of service.

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  9. Not unknown for unfortunates with conditions you describe, to have a bit of a fantasy life. Probably doing no harm, then again he could be genuine. You know the drills; regimental number, training depot questions and all that.
  10. afaik....dispraxia is a condition where you have a difficulty telling left from right, there are ways around this as i have had a couple of students that claimed to have it and they told me a strategy, snowboard we never say left or right.

    dislexia is something i studied a little for a teaching module...many architects, computer programmers, electricians but to name a few have dislexia...also many raft guides and kayakers. It's a section of life that intrests me.

    As for aspergers i would have to ask my gf, she is a special needs teacher but she has her head down right now and thats worse thats bollocks waking her up! I will ask her if she has seen a case of all 3 and the red book thingy

    I'm sure it is poss to get through the system with dislexia..

    hope that helps
  11. Many Computer professionals have Aspergers Syndrome.
  12. And we were talking about someone being in the Royal Artillery. Not much difference though is there? You know, one works with multi-million pound bits of kit that throw high explosive shells around and one works with Microsoft Office.

    They say Aspergers get along well with computers because the computer doesn't talk back or something like that. It would all interest me very much if I could be arsed caring.
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  13. Serves them right, they want to get outdoors the lazy fuckers.
  14. Aspergers is just "Lazy Parent Syndrome" like ADHD, neither have been scientifically proven to actually exist.
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  15. Sounds like a top bloke for the Planks. Then again, he might be a Walt, so I personally wouldnt give him 10% on the Scratch-cards.
    Hope this helps.