Just been told that Im slightly dyslexic. Does anyone know about how this might affect promotion/deployment etc. ?
Thanks guys. Im also up for Sandhurst in a couple of years, any chances itll affect anything in that line?
As you say you're only slightly dyslexic so probably not, but an ability to read and assimilate the written word and carry out basic maths on the back of a fag packet at short notice is apparently a necessity. you'll have to judge yourself wether you're capable unless the RCB has already passed you in which case you're probably fine. If in doubt, bluff it or speak to your careers adviser.
Dyslexia Rules. KO
my brother is also dyslexic and in his younger days was a huge fan of a band called Slipknot...

...being the little shoite he was he thought it was cool to dedicate some graffiti to his fave band and his creation is still there on a wall in town...although no-one can work out who the feck 'SilpKnit' are 8O
Heard about the dyslexic bulimic that choked on his own Vimto? No? Thought not. :oops:
What does DNA stand for?

National Dyslexia Association...

Or hear about the rebellious dyslexic teenager, who decided to upset his parents by worshipping Santa?
That'll be warehouse then.

You'll still have more wordpower than the ill-educated oiks coming out of the edjumacayshun system these days.

Did you hear about the dyslexic insomniac agnostic? He used to lie awake at night wondering if there was a Dog!

I've got me coat!
Shouldn't be a problem fella. Good friend of mine is really dyslexic, but has done a degree, is a WO and is waiting for his LE commission results whilst doing a masters degree is psychology. It'll only hold you back if you let it. Go to an AEC and see the basic skills tutor. They'll help out and develop coping strategies with you.
Dyslexic Skiers

Two Dyslexic Skiers were at the top of a mountain in the Alps getting ready to ski down to the bottom.

The first one said to his mate, "Come on then, let's Zig Zag all the way down."

His friend replied, "No, no, you've got it wrong. We should be Zag Zigging down."

"It's Zig-Zag" said the first.

"No it's Zag-Zig" argued his mate.

Then they saw a guy on a sled waiting to take a run down the slope. They asked his opinion on their dilemma.

"Is it Zig-Zag or Zag-Zig?"

asked the first skier.

"I don't know, I'm a tobogganist" he replied.

"Oh, ok" said the second skier "I'll have 20 Marlboros instead please."
also getting my coat 8O
lysdexia lures ko
i went to a dyslexic Rave!, there was a pusher selling F's and a guy in the bogs trying to shoot up with a herron.

Rincewind said:
i went to a dyslexic Rave!, there was a pusher selling F's and a guy in the bogs trying to shoot up with a herron.

PMSL :D or is it LSMP or SMLP or...I'll get my coat too :oops:

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