Dyslexia question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by backhander, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello,
    I have recently agreed to embark on a journey of TA like propotions (being ex-reg) and would very much appreciate some advice for a friend.
    He's mega keen and running every day ( dropped over a stone in a month). he's a fit bloke and certainly not stupid, but is properly dyslexic. His mental arithmatic is dot-on as his reading. The man just cannot spell. Could anybody tell me what is his standing with the RE, I've been out for 4 years and woulden't like to feed him sh1te. He is even older than me so was never diagnosed with dyslexia. How does this effect him? I'd really feel bad for the bloke if he was refused as his confidence is fair low as it is. He can run a BFT in under 8mins. Any answers/advice is much appreciated.
  2. I do not have specific answer to your question, but i can tell you that the Army does take dyslexia into account and it is certainly not a bar to entry.
  3. The only advice I can give would be to get him to rock up to the inital weekend, and take the entrance test. Its basically an IQ test, and doesn't require much spelling at all.

    Good luck

  4. msr

    msr LE

    I believe that as long as he declares it, allowances can be made for his dyslexia. The advice remains for him to contact his local unit and ask.

  5. Dyslexia is not a bar to joining the TA in itself, however he need to speak to the recruiting staff at the unit he is applying to.

    Given the standard of education of some of the people I deal with he will be at a positive advantage. :D

    In my case I was diagnosed with dislexia when I was 40 and I'm in.

  6. zzzzzzzzz
  7. Charmed I'm sure Calinius. I'm assuming that you have conducted an extensive study of the literacy of thousands of TA soldiers in order to arrive at this conclusion. The alternative, of course, is that you are a tw*t.

    To answer the original question. Spelling based dyslexia should not necessarily be a problem, even for a technical corps like the RE. In the regular army potential dyslexia sufferers would be referred to an educational psychologist by the AEC for assessment. Depending on the result they will then be given certain allowances in written assessments. Unfortunately the TA does not have the resources for this kind of assessment but is still required to make allowances.

    The guy concerned should definitely talk to the recruiting staff about it and be up front about it at the medical. It will help the recruiters, however, if he is able to get an assessment done via his GP and present the results with his application.

    There is a DCI published on how dyslexia is treated in the regular army. Whilst it makes no mention of the TA, it may be of some use to you. I can't remember the number but I have it in my office. PM me if you want me to dig it out for you.

    Hope this helps
  8. Old McDodald was Dyslexic E I P O Q.
  9. A lad at my last unit transfered from the TA to the Regs and he had dyslexia.
    He is a Sigs Elec and has since completed his CLM and his class 1.
    So as previously posted, as long as he lets them know from the start it won't be a problem.
  10. Your mate should be ok, we had a guy who tried to join once who could not read at all.
    On the way back from a battlefield tour in France he was sat next to me and was attempting to read his copy of Max Power that he had just bought at the Chunnel and was struggling to read a word, I asked if he was ok and asked if I could help.
    He showed me the word that was the problem and I had trouble reading it then I realised that the publication that he had purchased was in French.
    He didnt last much longer.
  11. He should be fine, im in training at the moment and we have a few that suffer friom it also and end up getting extra help from the instructors or other recruits. Instructors mostly make a point of asking at the start of a lesson who suffers from it so they can give them extra help if needed and/or take that in to account when dealing with suffers.
  12. I did my basic at Grantham, and there was at least 1 sapper on the course. Before a written exam, the DS asked if everybody was happy reading & writing. I thought they were joking, but they made clear they were prepared to read the questions, and write down your answer for you.

    This was, ahem, one or two years ago, so things may have changed, and it doesn't prove that the RE were accepting dyslexics, but it does give grounds for hope.
  13. were you on the late jul/early aug 2006 course mate? if you were he was RLC and in my section, fcukin sound bloke
  14. It might be worth your mate contacting DEST(A) they may advise him, they are the lead for Army personnel with Dyslexia the number is 01980-618712.
  15. it's so tempting........