"Dyslexia does not exist" - Labour MP

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of his basic premise for the moment, I have to say this part is 100% true in my experience. I know people who are just not too bright who have latched onto the whole dyslexia thing to gain an advantage.
  2. OK, I see the guy's point of view - yes, there are too many in this country using Dyslexia as a "crutch" and claiming the disability where they may not have it.

    There are too many people claiming disability benefits of all kinds in this country. It amazes me the way people block me from a disabled parking space and then jog into the shop.

    But which what size pool did these countries test? Was it a valid test? I agree the Spanish taught in Nicaragua might throw up some dyslexics, however can someone reading pictographs be dyslexic????

    Don't claim a disability when you don't have it, but then again, don't deny the existence if one that does.
  3. locked as it's repeated elsewhere
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