Dyslexia and the RCB

Discussion in 'Officers' started by crazyfool, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. Sorry about another RCB thread however, i will shortly be doing the RCB and am getting very worried about my Dyslexia, you can understand what i am trying to put across in my writing however, there may be some grammatical errors, i normally get around this by using a PC, has anyone got any advice on this matter and will it greatly effect the Boards result, or suggestions which might help (but not to slash my wrists)

    Many Thanks

    Crazy Fool
  2. Maybe total rubbish but I seem to recall how some dyslexia could be cured/ameliorated by coloured lenses in eyeglasses.
  3. It's a long time since I did RCB, but I don't remember having to write any essays. It shouldn't be a problem unless you bring it to the attention of the DS.
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  5. I know plenty of officers who are dyslexic. So you shouldn't have a problem provided your DS are aware.

    I presume it came up at your medical examination anyway, so the 'Army' already knows about it.

    Doesn't Prince Harry have dyslexia?
  6. I think there is an essay, or at least there was about five years ago. Having said that, as CrapSpy says, there are tons of Offrs with dyslexia, and the Army seem to be pretty well practiced at recognising those who can still cope in spite of it.
  7. No Spy, I think he is just stupid. There are some written exercises on RCB (CRB? BRC?) so a word to the DS early is highly advisable. The great thing about RCB is you are judged on what you actually achieve, not on what you fail to achieve, for 80% of the tests. Unless your father is a general...
  8. I would strongly advise taking some documents along to support you - either from a doctor or an educational psychiatrist.
  9. there is definitely an essay (or at least there was one last november)... there is also a multiple choice IQ type assessment - I dunno if dyslexics struggle with that sort of thing...

  10. Fully agree with "loggie" you will need to take some proof of dyslexia to RCB. You will have to complete and essay (timed and subject given) and a written plan as part of the overall assessment. Do not worry about this as your dyslexia is taken into consideration - also it is your performance that is looked at - doing less well in one area is not a show stopper.

    Suggest practice planning an essay(s) (no longer than 5 mins) - get someone to give you various titles related to current affairs.

    Mental speed/distance/time calculations - these will be thrown at you during the planning exercise.
  11. What type of dyslexia do you have and how does it affect you?

    It would be worth speaking to your point of contact at your sponsoring unit, or your School or University Liaison Officer (via School/Uni Careers Office), about your dyslexia, and asking their advice on what documentation to provide etc etc. The army is big on honesty including admitting your strengths and weaknesses, and obviously being seen to plan ahead is a good idea for the career you are choosing. My first bit of advice is therefore to be open and honest from the start - like all the others have said above, dyslexia is very common.

    If you have never taken a psychometric test before (the IQ tests), then it would be worth doing some homework on these. First find out if the way your dyslexia affects you could degrade your performance on these tests. (They are the 'Jonny is shorter than Bob, Bill is taller than Bob, who is the short arrse?' type.) You could probably find some examples of psychometric tests on the internet: they are increasingly commonly used by large firms and recruitment agencies. A dyslexic friend of mine wrote his university dissertation on dyslexia and psychometric testing (after failing RCB because of it - but many years ago so don't worry!). I will see if he knows any good resources of info, or has any further advice.

    Then, if you are still unsure, try and get some practice in. In theory you cannot improve your performance by practicing a psychometric test. In reality this is nonsense: you can improve on any basic task by practicing enough to become familiar with it.

    But, whatever you do in your preparations, don't neglect your PT, don't forget to absorb a good broadsheet daily or maybe even a weekly copy of the Economist, and don't forget that they want to see YOU - the fine upstanding young person - not you the second-guessing actor. And obviously don't admit to reading the Mirror or voting Labour!!!
  12. My dyslexia effects my spelling and grammer however i normaly overcome using computers so that it does not effect my work, (shown by the fact that i am a postgraduate student) however i will be honest about it from the start, and see how it goes, if you have any ideas or links about psyychometric test i would greatly apreciate them.

    I hope your friend passed at a later date!!! well i am booked on soon so i guess its in the lap of the gods

    thanks for you help
  13. and use capital "I"'s
  14. ...and two "ls" in normaly (sic) so that it does not "effect" (affect) your passing RCB!!