DynCorp - dirty b'stards.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Muntie McSporrin, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. I feel that sexual abuse of children is one of the crimes that requires an attempt at rehabilitating the offenders to make them productive contributors, in an isolated location for the rest of their life, definitely not allowing them back out on the streets.

    These bastards however, need stringing up.
  2. Lets get this right:

    It is common practice, indeed traditional, in Kunduz for local adult males to have [edited] with young boys who prostitute themselves, and we are getting outraged only about DynCorp employees?

    No thanks, I'll wait for the next bus.
  3. Still, whatever makes the day go by faster, eh?
  4. Cultural traditions aside, whatever one thinks of them, it is a completely different thing to willingly sell children into sex work.
  5. Are you suggesting that DynCorp employees were pimping? That's not what the article suggests.
  6. Well, there's certainly more profit in it.
  7. Yes. Because we know better than the locals. People might say 'different', but I say better. There's absolutely zero cultural justification for child rape. These ass-hat tribalists can live according to their stupid, oppresssive medieval ways if they want, but people brought up in a culture that protects the freedom all of its people, especially children from such horrors, should know a damn sight better.

    To be fair, it's probably only a few bad eggs giving everyone else a bad name. But still - IMHO, this is another example of why PMCs can cause more trouble than they're worth.
  8. nonsense. I lived in Scotland for years and you lot are savages. Judging by the number of underage mothers wandering around, porridge wogs lead the way in child sex.
  9. yes but thats a third world tribal hellhole as well so does'nt really count.
    relgious fanactism tribal warfare strange clothes and odd food see its in the third world
  10. Many years ago, an Irish friend of mine told me in all seriousness that the biggest problem facing Irish missioneries when Christianising the Scots, was stopping the Scots fornicating in the streets. This was of course before the Catholic paedophile business was common knowlege. Glasshouses, stones?
  11. Their country, their customs
  12. Unfortunately i agree.

    Anyway i seem to remember the Belgian UN contingent getting mixed up in something similar in Rwanda in the 90's IIRC.
    Not much outrage there at the time.
  13. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Reminds me of getting pissed with a Bunch of Indian Army tankies, they were all singing , When I asked what the song was about the Havlidar said "Theres a little boy over the river with a bum like a peach" I moved away slowly
  14. In the direction of a nearby bridge?