Dynamic Wheel Balancing.

Although somewhat old and smelly(a given) I had not come across this subject before.

A friend on another forum, who has just added a new 1800 Gold Wing to his stable, linked to this.


He then linked to this UK equivalent(ish)

Dyna Beads

My major problem locally is that there is nobody who can properly balance bike wheels. As they don't make the Wing things in BMW sizes and don't reply to emails, the useless twats, I thought I would try the beads as they can be claimed against my business.

They seem to work OK and if they 'do what it says on the tin', then having balanced wheels right through to next tyre change(beads are reusable) they are a definite plus.

No connection etc.
They work. Re-use is not really practical as you will probably loose half of the beads when you take the tyre off but, if you use the correct recommended dose, they will do exactly what it says on the tin and keep your tyre in ballance throughout its life.

I have not had them fitted in the UK but have used them in USA on a high mileage bike on the recommendadtion of my (very experienced) mechanic.

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