Dynamic Lift

Can somebody explain exactly what this is? I know you have to lift a bar to a certain height but what technique do you have to use? Can you swing it up like a clean and jerk? How much do you have to lift?
yes very similar to a clean and jerk, the weight isnt the issue, its the technique that gets people.

edited to add: also its one fluid movement, not up to chip , stop and then up again
1.put both feet shoulder width apart
2. Bend your knees so you sort of look like your sitting down.
3. Hold the bar at either end with your palms facing down
4. Then pull the bar up while straightening your body
5. When it gets to half way up your torso/bottom of your chest (without stopping) flick your wrists so that your palms face upwards and the bar rests on your palm
6. After this push the bar up from biceps while still straightening
7. Once youve straightened you will need to push the bar up another foot or less with your arms until youve reached the red line on either side

Don't worry about it too much as the PTIs will explain and demonstrate it to you giving you chance to have a practice until you get the technique.

As you do it each time the PTIs will up the weight untill you can't do it anymore.

I dont know how much you have to lift but mine was 55 kilos (?) minimum but it might be heavier for males.
Queen_of_Lesbeth said:
As you do it each time the PTIs will up the weight untill you can't do it anymore.
When I went for selection at Lichfield we did it once. I think the weight was 55KG and once we had managed to do that we moved on to whatever was next. No upping it each time or anything!
you start with a lighter weight for got what it was and then move up to 55kg. You lift to 1.45 meters. It is easy, quick tip; make sure your back is straight and drive from the legs. use that momentum to get your grip under the bar to push up. Its dead easy.

It is meant to represent putting an ammo box on the back of a lorry.

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