Dylan Hartley

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, May 25, 2013.

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  1. Barnes clearly heard on the mike explaining that Hartley called him a "******* cheat".

    He's a liability to England and The Lions. Get him off the tour.
    What a ********.
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  2. I know but unfortunately Barnes isn't our call.
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  3. I always thought rugby was a game with laws and one of them is don't talk back to the referee, calling him names is ten yards and off. Well that's what I was taught.
  4. I have made no secret of my feelings about Hartley on the rugby forums and all my criticism has been justified.
    Not only should he not tour with the Lions, I would be happy if I never saw him in an England shirt again.
    He behaves like a footballer and I can think of no greater insult!
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  5. Yep, Hartley true to form he let Northampton down, if he had stayed on i think they would have won. What a fool and as i have said in other posts a liability the Lions can do without.
  6. I am a Saints fan and have long said Hartley is shite he is gobby cant throw at the lineout is a crap hooker and should not be the saints captain in short he is an utter bellend who shouldnt be allowed near a Rugby pitch
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  7. Agreed. I was there today and Hartley let the side down, he shouldn't be calling anyone on the pitch a "******* cheat." Mallinder is standing by him which does him credit and the hearing is tomorrow, but Hartley has form. I wonder how long he will wear a Saints shirt once the initial furore has blown over and the club can consider its options?
  8. not long I hope mate Foden was blinding tho
  9. Who is he?
  10. Every club has the right to expect a player to make every effort to see out every game. Lapses of discipline can lead to yellow or red cards and are, perhaps inevitable since they often accompany errors of judgement (such as unintended tip tackles) but losing your rag and talking yourself off the pitch is inexcusable and is a sign you place yourself above your club and your team mates. Find a player that will make every effort to spend the entire game sticking it to the opposition and find someone more worthy of a Lion's jersey.
  11. Watched the game in the pub with about a dozen of my mates from our club. We were split on whether the sending off was appropriate (as he may have been saying it to Youngs) or if it had ruined the final as a competition. What we all did agree on though was that it is better to send someone off for it than to tolerate it like football.

    Interesting that some are saying that Barnes is to blame as his Forest of Dean accent was misunderstood at the drop 22 beforehand. Absolute rubbish, every player on that pitch should know the laws as it is their livelihood and as such they should all have known that you cant kick the ball dead from that or any restart.
  12. Yep, it seems fashionable to go after Barnes at the moment but the fault lays squarely with the Saints player
  13. Having met Dylan on a few occasions I have to say he is one of the most humble and down to earth players I've met. I'm still torn about today, I was at Twickenham, had a few beverages and haven't had the chance to see the footage. I agree that if it was aimed at Barnes then straight red. Aimed at Tom Youngs? I couldn't care less. I'm sure he's been called far worse on the pitch, I certainly have.

    From talking to the other forwards after the game back at FG, they thought the sending off was pathetic and was totally uncalled for. They didn't blame Dylan at all and one forward (after handing me a "motherfuckin' strongbow") said about Barnes "what a ******* dick man!".

    Delon Armitage is my canary down the mine. So long as that gobby prick is still playing and embarassing the sport then everyone else's behaviour is going to pale In comparison!

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  14. Oh and I called Barnes far worse far worse all week leading up to this game, never fails to make it into the Wayne Barnes show.

    The tigers supporter sat next to me came up with a pretty bang on description.....

    "The Steve Walsh of the Northern Hemisphere"

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  15. Rory Best?

    I don't actually buy that, Barnes has long been one of my favorite refs, certainly when I see his name on the sheet at club level (Bath fan) I don't baulk. (not like that tit Roland)

    I haven't seen the game yet, nor have I had the opportunity to meet Hartley. But he does seem to have form for this type of behviour and if he did back chat the ref twice (according to the BBC sport website, he had been previously warned for it?) then he can't be suprised at the straight red card.