Dying of Flu....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legs, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. A SNCO I am aquainted with is now being AGAI'd because he had Flu. He phoned his SSM and said that he couldn't get into work because he was laid up. His wife is a nurse, who works for Army, and verified this to the SSM.

    He was told that if he didn't report sick then he would be classed as absent. His Quarter is 20 miles from camp and in the state he is in he can't drive. He phoned the Med Centre and was told that a home visit couldn't be done.

    Is it fair that he is punished for this? If he was a civvy he would just sign himself off for a few days. Instead he's treated like a child and told he can't be ill unless he can get a Med Centre to say he's ill. If he was fit enough to drive to camp, then they would say he's fit enough to be at work.
  2. Who's doing it the SSM or Troopy
  3. Not sure. SSM said he would be AGAI'd but I'm not sure if it's him that will do the deed.
  4. I was told when I became a SNCO that we were allowed 3 days self certified sick. Im pretty sure it was in a briefing given by the RAO and I stored it for future reference.
  5. I don't suppose you know where it is written in black and white. This guy is a top notch SNCO and I feel is being treated very badly. It's not as if he's a scrote just wanting a day off. FFS this guy has worked his nads off for the Army and is then kicked in them for this.
  6. As you will be aware, most units publicise on Pt 1 Os that individuals who are taken sick whilst at home need to produce (or fax) a Doctor's certificate stating that they are not/were not fit to travel. Phonecalls from doting wives,girlfriends and mothers stating that their loved ones have a little sniffle are not generally considered suitable grounds for not attending work. However , common sense must prevail and considering that the individual in question appears to have spoken to all relevant parties and exhausted a number of avenues, it would appear harsh to take any form of action. SNCOs (the majority!) should be trusted to judge when they are ill and on their word should be believed.
  7. I think that that is one of the problems here. So many 'management' personnel rely only on written word and orders, and not on common sense. Is it sensible to make someone drive a 40 mile round trip if he can hardly get out of bed? If he was to try and then have an accident he would probably be done by the same SSM for a self inflicted injury!
  8. Smacks of f ucking "jobs-worthing" there, one of the reasons i got out...

    if this man as a SNCO cannot be trusted by the SSM, and is as you say a trustworthy hard working bloke, then your SSM is a f ucking tw@t ..... what's retention like in your unit ???
  9. Around 40 odd people signed off over the last year or so, including at least 6 SNCO. Not looking good is it? I wonder why....
  10. Don't forget that because civvies can self-certify for up to a week your GP may well cut up rough about giving you a sick-note for less than that. But hey, it's the Army, the rules don't need to take reality into acount.
  11. Im currently poorly, and i said to my boss if i feel like this in the morning i wont be coming in if that is ok, no problems. Mind you if people have kicked the arrse out of it before i can understand the said SSM, but surely a word in the shelllike would suffice. Im convinced that i am the first confirmed case of birdflu in the UK. :lol: :lol: :lol: or is it manflu.
  12. Got to agree with shortfuse if the man is a SNCO that should be enough, as he is as you say a decent SNCO then it smells as though the SSM is a complete wan*er, and is worried this fella may be a threat in a year or two, so he bounce's him and hope he gets a repremand etc and shaft's his promotion for a year or two, hence he no longer becomes a threat. (Cynical I know but I've seen it done).

    6 SNCO's gone in a year!!!? morale through the floor then. Not a medic unit per chance?!!
  13. Get your wife to drive you to work,sneeze all over the Trp Ldr/SSM,and put the idiots out of harms way for a while!

    I had flu as a JLR,the`doctor`,a retired navy M.O. didn´t believe me;consequently 7 guys ended up for 6 or 7 weeks in MRS,with a viral`flu,a proper one,not the sniffles!

    Me?I had to carry on my Gunnery Course,including a knackered back from coughing;Ammo bashing 120mm all day,and yes there were bets on when I was going to keel over and die!

    I didn´t even get aspirin,just some potion to make me sick;The nurse warned me before I took it,said that the doctor wanted to teach me a lesson for falsely reporting sick.

    Luckily, my instructors knew I was genuinely sick,but I still had to work.

    Get well soon,as a proper influenza,can really F+Ck you up.

    Midnight........what doesn´t kill you,makes you harder,hah.f*cking.hah
  14. Yes - the SSM is a T**sser, but is so well in with the OC that he has a massive umbrella. He is one of these arrseholes who micromanages everything from sweeping the floor upwards. Not exactly a people person. And no, not Medics (I shall refrain from saying what for PERSEC reasons!!) :(
  15. Legs wrote:

    His Quarter is 20 miles from camp and in the state he is in he can't drive. He phoned the Med Centre and was told that a home visit couldn't be done.

    It would have been Illegal for him to drive in that condition, I take it his nearest military medical facility was on Camp? I take it he was also unable to get a home visit from a GP?

    This incident has serious duty of care implications and said SNCO wants to maybe considering making a formal complaint quoting H & S regulations regarding a safe working environment. If ill and infectious soldiers are being pressurised into working whilst ill, I'm sure our wonderful cuddly and efficient complaints procedure would be more than adequate to deal with this breach of Health and Safety law?