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Dying of a drinking breed?

I've just been reading F_e_G's comments on mobile phones and the destruction of social groups, (See CUOTC Subs thread) it sparked a memory of a conversation I had recently concerning first years.

It seems recently the newer breed of University student is much less socially active than even those 2years before. As a Fresher in 2002 we were out sampling the delightful nightlife the city had to offer on regular occasions, be it through, OTC, Other Clubs and Socs or just with friends. An OTC pub crawl would take in at least 6 or so Pubs (Oh those great nights, The "BRIAN" [or was it JW?] Earlham road pub crawl). Great fun would be had by all. Now, with only a few exceptions the first years simply don't want to play. We'll be only in pub 3 at 10pm, having started at 1900. the whines of "But I don't like drinking fast" or "I can't do it" ringing out. So bad on one occasion that at 2100 we split the group and those who went on for more pubs had a great night. The rest went home to cocoa and slippers.

Is this being experienced at every University or is it just where I am that has the problem?

(Oh and it's not just my organising, despite a huge facelift the uni still struggles to sell certain events)
Operator; from my experience of OTC pub crawls, I think it's the influence of one or maybe two 'loud mouth' members. I'm sure we all know the structure of the social scene, the alpha males and loud mouth females run the show. It just takes one of these to cause a fuss and the whole group splits... If you don't know what I'm talking about, PM me and I'll be happy to explain.

I share, operator, your view. My first year we were out every drill night down to a local student sh*t hole, from there it's gone steadily downhill, esp. since our RSM was served an ASBO for general unit behaviour. the bar actually shuts at 11! Our local booser, the goose, turned into utter penises and started to force us to calm down/kicked us out, despite the fact we were only disturbing ourselves having our own floor and spending loads, on food and drink, business has gown down seriously on Sundays for them. Life is not made easy for the 1st years to get twated, especially next year, with what is known as about the quietest years ever as the first year instructors (pti your exception is noted) My year is the last of a dying breed of naked bar calling, mess game playing extremeists at london. Shed a tear for for the new intake and the unit reputation. Summer camp this year will be out of control.


Rant over out
hmm, sounds familiar.

i found a good tactic was to physically carry a fellow OTC member, who was trying to go home, to the next pub.

call me a bully, but it worked. :wink:
i'm sure i've said all this kind of thing before in an earlier thread.
On one occasion when asking a new 1st year as to why he was skipping off to home early his reply was 'i have to do some work in the morning, i need to get into the libary as early as possible as i have a coursework of 3,000 words due in six weeks' shocking.


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foxtrot.oscar said:
hmm, sounds familiar.

i found a good tactic was to physically carry a fellow OTC member, who was trying to go home, to the next pub.

call me a bully, but it worked. :wink:
OK - you are a bully. There!
i vote that someone needs to take a stance against this kind of hellish behaviour!! i will personally be leading the party wagon to locos every drill night next year with all the little first years in tow. they will not have an option and their only excuse will be that locos is full cos there are so many otc people in there. whose with me?!
Its not a case of dragging them to the next pub its trying to get them into the first one. The keep going home at 9 straight after trg to do W***. Its just not right.
Going back to the original point, there seems in general to be less drinking tomfoolery happening on the Uni scene across the board.

When i was back at my old haunts the other day i was stuned to see how quiet it all was. The School Daze disco wasn't even filled out. I think students are taking their courses way too seriously, there is littl correlation to amount of work put in, to grades got out. At least this was the case for my course and for many, probably with the exception of a number of sciences. If you are at uni doing "Dark side of the Moon studies of the 16th century" you have no excuse not to go out on the lash. I don t think that the situation will get better as new students nxt year have to pay the 3 grand tuition fees. They are going to feel the greater pressure to do well probably from home and the bank manager.

I think the days of pissing student loans up the wall royally are gone. We are a dying breed.

Operator it is the JW pub crawl... let him be remembered for somthing other than being a cnut to the female populous...
Meatballsnpasta: I require an explanation as well. Who are you griping about?

Foxtrot.Oscar: You are about as banterful as a colostomy, fcuk off back to your highrise and get stuck into Grandma's fishy bits.

Brian, Operator et al. I agree, it is dead and buried. We should guard against waltishness by attempting to reenact the "good ol days when I were a fresher". Let the new ones be dull, and those of us who remember what it ought to be can get drunk, offend them, and damage the retention rate. In memory of JW!
could 'grandma's fishy bits' be a more appealing prospect than spending time in the company of those who solely talk shop, or about the 'good ol days', or how boring the first yrs are.
If its any interest a similar things has happened in Wales; evenings tend to end with a lot of the newer members going home and the rest of us carrying on. This does on occasion lead to standing around the bar, drinking whilst reminiscing about 'the good old days'.

And its getting worse every year. Although I am gald to hear its not just us.
As a second year who doesn't remember my first year, I am disgusted at the doleful little freshers who grace the gates of my local OTC.

Imagine my surprise and disgust when, while helping my chums behind the bar in our mess, I found that over half the freshers I was serving had chosen Alchohol as their vice to give up for lent!

We work our bar on the principle that we don't sell singles, shandies are given with a pink umbrella in to mark the person out and those asking for soft drinks are barred. And yet still they asked. Revolting.

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