Dying gortex boots

Ive got a nice pair of danner boots only problem is there brown and i want them black ( well the RSM dose ) will dying them affect the water proofing
Oh, dyeing.

Dyeing shouldn't affect the waterproofing, but waterproofing may well affect the dyeing. The dye needs to get to the leather/fabric, so any waterproofing (polish, etc) that you've already put on could affect this. Get into the heather a few times to lose the waterproofing and you may stand a chance.

The other feature to consider is the colour of the sole. Unless it's leather, the chances of re-colouring the seen edges are about nil, so unless you've got black soles, I wouldn't waste the effort trying.
As a temporally mesure I've just polished them black I know it will were off but it will do for now

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