Dydd Gyl Dewi Hapus

I do not live in England, so why do I need to speak English?
Because this is an English website. So watch it. There is still a law in England that Welshmen can be shot on site with a longbow! :winkrazz:
I don't live there eithe,r but i do ;-)
Nor do I, are there any poms on here? Poor bloody Zulus having to listen to this.

"Come, Come Matron, surely you've seen a temperature taken like this before?"

"Yes, Colonel. But never with a daffodil!"


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At which 'site' are we allowed to arrow Taffy to death on SIGHT? ;-)
Chester, after nightfall.

If Muddlemaker could spell his Welsh correctly he might have a leg to stand on. How long before the sanctimonious git gets tagged?

Dydd Dewi Sant Yn Hapus.
If you could spell properly you would be dangerous.
I can spell properly. The site is York (within the city walls). So shove a daffodil up yer bum and have a wonderful St. Davids day!
Oh the wit of the English !! Yawn :0)

My Gunfire wasnt exactly rum and tea this morning more like Norwegian coffee !!

Who beat the English .... Who beat the English .... Who beat the English
Oh dear. They'll be burning cottages next. :)


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