DWP harassment of British War Veterans.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. And have you seen the old man
    Outside the seaman's mission
    Memory fading with
    The medal ribbons that he wears.
    In our winter city,
    The rain cries a little pity
    For one more forgotten hero
    And a world that doesn't care

    I'm sure they sang similar ditties in ancient Babylon, Greece and Rome…
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  2. Nice to see the harassment I have to look forward to after all the barriers I've faced even getting to the point of an ATOS examination to see if I qualify for a War Pension!
  3. Military covenant is a load of bollocks and most of the ***** out there just pay it lip service, as it isnt a law. One of the lads at my place is out in the next 6 months and struggling to get a house through various councils in the south so he can at least see his kids, (his ex screwed him over big time) but it seems they only put you to the top of the list if you have immediate family in the area or as he was told by one council a big fat no as he was the 'wrong sort of person' and he could read into that anyway he wanted..! The *****! But whilst he has been told he can get help through the legion and various other agencies that help ex-service people out, it shouldnt have to come to that. Except it boils down to the same old bollocks that most of the ***** running the various shows are simply that: *****!
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  4. Typical crap and wasting money on housing , etc on all those illegal immigrants and negelect those brave British Servicemen and women instead. Maybe a brave politician should bring in a Veterans Disablement Tax for funding?

    Lest We Forget
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  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You mean seperately tax disabled veterans?

    Would you care to clarify your comments about "all those illlegal immigrants" seeing as your such an expert and so far away?
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  6. I have done an examination with ATOS ..Be very very careful how you approach one of these interviews. You are being monitored from the moment you walk through the door, notes are made about every aspect of your appointment. Remember uppermost in your mind must be that ATOS are paid by results and a result is getting you off benefit.

    I have an appeal pending in front of a circuit Judge .Go here for advice and tips on how to deal with ATOS ssers

    Benefits and Work
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  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Its Tommy this etc etc ad infinitum!
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  8. Wait a minute. Isn't this assessment SOP for ALL people claiming this type of benefit, not just Veterans?
    Outrage aside procedures to verify the claimant's suitability for benefits are essential. Seems to me if the individual is genuinely disabled he/she has nothing to worry about.

    And yes, I am a veteran who suffered a (minor) disablement on operations.
  9. Ok , if your are genuine you have nothing to worry about ....With the greatest respect ......Bollocks you do .
    I have had four MI's (Heart Attacks) Three TIA's and a Visual cortex stroke , I have also been shot by a Police Firearms instructor and been in a coma not expected to live for two weeks. I have a hole the size of a 5 year olds fist right through from back to front and everything in between ........ATOS Says I'm fit for work , oh and I'm 60......
  10. Had left hip and both knees total replacement, left foot fused. Leaves me with a dragging left leg and pronounced limp. ATOS guidelines say I'm fully mobile.

    The irony of the new system is the very people it sought to weed out are the very people it won't. The professional sponging class have already swotted up on the new PIP guidelines and sales of mobility scooters are rocketing as they kit themselves out with the essential prop to ensure high rate Mobility payments - 'I can't walk innit Dr, I have to use an electric buggy'. Look around any scumbag sink estate and it's like the Mobility Buggy GP as massed herds of them from 18-80 head to the pubs and bookies in their shiny new chariots.

    11. Moving around.
    a. Can move at least 200 metres either –
    (i) unaided; or
    (ii) using an aid or appliance, other than a wheelchair or a motorised device. 0 points
    b. Can move at least 50 metres but not more than 200 metres either –
    (i) unaided; or
    (ii) using an aid or appliance, other than a wheelchair or a motorised device. 4 points
    c. Can move up to 50 metres unaided but no further. 8 points
    d. Cannot move up to 50 metres without using an aid or appliance, other than a wheelchair or a motorised device. 10 points
    e. Cannot move up to 50 metres without using a wheelchair propelled by the claimant. 12 points
    f. Cannot move up to 50 metres without using a wheelchair propelled by another person or a motorised device. 15 points
  11. Seriously my friends, this is simply a box ticking exercise by the DWP,

    Q1, Good morning, how are you, fine? good. tick box (a) he,s healthy.

    Q2, You managed to get here alright?, Oh good, no problems there then. tick box (b) he,s able to travel.

    Q3, You seem to be looking after yourself rather well, are you getting any additional help?, just from family and neighbours, oh good thats nice. tick box (c)

    End ex is, this guy can get about without difficulty, he,s aware and answers questions without difficulty, he,s not not having trouble maintaining himself at home, he,s not dependent on others and has family close by, he gets on well with his neighbours..

    Boxes ticked OK, **** is fit for work, RESULT, Ooooo! bonus in my salary, ta muchly, next please!
  12. Have to say, when you put it like that, and so elequently state your case, I am outraged, now please point me in the direction where my outrage can be voiced?
  13. Totally agree with you my visiting Doctor was out side my house for half an hour trying to look in rug rat was watching him and giving a running commentary . You are right they watch you like a Hawke I asked mine if he wanted a brew when he said yes I told home where the kettle was if I had made it that's a tick in his box and against you.
  14. Look chaps there seems to be a disconnect between getting what you deserve and what you think you are entitled to.

    I have no doubt that ATOS is staffed by idiots but do you want to be a scounger or a doer. Scroungers get by by bucking the system and stealing. That the system allows them and lets them do what they want is reprehensible.

    But we are soldiers and are not scroungers (or are we?). It seems that we have or are becoming, the thing we despise!
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