DWP - debate in the commons

Just been listening to the debate on the DWP. Clare short has just got up and said that in an overseas operation the actual military part (I assume you means the boys on the ground risking their lives ill equipped and lacking the full picture) is "QUITE EASY". What is difficult is the actual rebuilding process afterwards.

Not that I doubt the validity of the second part of the statement, may I suggest the honourable lady is somewhat desensitised to the harsh realities of what the "Easy" military part of any campaign entails. I am sure a few soldiers that have been on a two way firing range could testify to it not actually being terribly easy.

Reminds me of the management of Barings bank saying that "It is not terribly difficult to earn money" Shortly before the bank went bust to the tune of £800 million odd. :evil: :evil:


If thre said 'lady' had spent a little more time when she was in charge of DfID getting her Department planning the post-conflict phase of the Iraq operation things might be pretty different out there. As it was the people from DfID that I spoke to told me that they had to plan 'under the radar' in case Ms Short found out what they were doing and threw her teddy in the corner.

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