Dwayne Peel "Its not about the money"

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sparky8, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Peel agrees to shock Sale switch

    Peel has won 59 caps for Wales and played three Tests for the Lions
    Llanelli Scarlets have announced that scrum-half Dwayne Peel will join Sale Sharks at the end of the season.
    Wales international Peel, 26, came through the ranks at Llanelli and has been with the Scarlets regional side since its inception in 2003.

    The news comes less than a week after the Welsh Rugby Union said that players who play their club rugby outside Wales may harm their international selection.

    Peel said the move to the English Premiership club was "not about money".

    "The deal to stay at Llanelli was similar to that offered by Sale - it's about the fact that, not having lived outside Wales, I'd like to experience life in another country for a short period," he said in a statement issued by the Scarlets
    Quote from BBC news.

    How adventurous is that? Its not about the money, the man just wants to experience a foreign culture - and chose Manchester! Nuff said!
  2. Don't take it personally. Llanelli v Cardiff is almost an international. (Fcuking one-eyed Turks.)
  3. At Sale he will be challenging Richard Wigglesworth for the No1 slot. Wigglesworth is being touted (by the English press) as the next best thing at No9.

    How many games does Peel expect to play? Will he just be expected to fill in when RW is away with England? or in the EDF Cup?

    A very grand gesture by Warren Gatland but seems totally unworkable. How can you possibly stop players moving for money or just to play a higher standard of club rugby?

    New Zealand can afford to ostracise players who move abroad but Wales cannot.

    If the standards of the Magners League mirrored those of the Guinness Premiership and the wages being offered were comparable then that system could work. In the present climate, IMHO, it is doomed to failure.
  4. I'm quite excited at Mr. Peel joining Sale!! Wiggs is ok, but I think Peel is a hell of alot better at scrum-half and will help the mighty Sharks on their way to Premiership domination next season!
  5. Well if it was about the money he would have taken the Worcester offer because it was a substantsial amount more however not sure if he fancied playing for relegation every year.
  6. Obviously its about the money, he's not going to take an offer from Worcester as they are currently at the foot of the table. By the time he signs he could be playing the likes of London Welsh and Coventry (no offence) instead of flying high with Sale.

    Gatland's idea that players are only eligible if they play in Wales is a bit pie in the sky IMHO. If you look at specialist positions ie tight head, that limits him to 4 players. Factor in that most teams have oversea's players then this may be limited to one or two. Hardly a good way to build up an international squad that demands strength in depth. He's just had to bring in Sowden Taylor at 7 despite the fact that Martin Williams plays most first team rugby for the Blues. I sniff U Turn in a year or so
  7. Well it hasnt put off Chris Latham, Rico Gear and Sammy Tuitupou!!
  8. And it didnt put off Justin marshall when he went to Leeds but he soon jumped ship. Those guys are at the end of their career and they are quite rightly trying to earn the dosh that isnt available to them "down under". Peel isnt that old and if you look at the longevity of say, Rob Howley, then he has a while to go yet, hence no need to take an offer in order to cash in. He still has to balance career and honours (International, Lions trophies etc) against providing for his family. Remember that you get paid handsomly to play for your country & he anit going to do that playing Div 1 rugby.
  9. End of their career?? Sammy Tuitupou is 25, Rico Gear has just turned 29?? Maybe Chris Latham but definitely not the other two.
  10. Do you need a passport to go to Sale?
  11. Rico Gear isn't going to make the All Blacks squad again, Tuitupou would be hard pushed to as well. To that end they know that all they have in front of them is domestic rugby and have followed the cash cow.
    Are you that much of a Worcester fan not to see that?!! Hey, I come from not too far away from sixways and would love them to do well but they aren't going to tempt any real big players unless they cement their place in the league and unfortunately that doesnt look like happening this year either.
  12. Rico Gear isnt going to make the All Blacks squad again because he is playing Northern Hemisphere rugby, he was a regular in the side and a very popular one at that, you only have to look at the All Black chat pages to see how well respected he is there and was only left out of the World Cup squad because of discipline reasons- breaking a curfew was the final straw. I know they have come north for the money however, when they do come North, what makes their minds up for playing at these clubs? I know Sale and Munster offered more money to Gear but he didnt take it.
  13. Discipline? Not the Rokocoko or Hewlett or Sivivatu factor then?!! Just cos he's popular on a forum doesn't mean he'll wear an AB shirt. How much did Sale and Munster offer compared to his Worcester contract & what bonus payments are on offer?
  14. Isn't howlett playing for Munster at the moment? If the All Blacks are going to leave out the guys who are playing in the Northern Hemisphere, who does that leave them with? Rokocoko and Sivivatu (who basically bring the same thing to the side)? Are they really going to leave out their top try scorer ever? I sense a u-turn from down under as well as in Wales.
  15. That was just an example not a main reason for a basis of this discussion. Graham Henry even said discipline was the reason for Gear being omitted from the squad. I do not know the ins and outs of the contract but when Gear signed for Worcester it was made known that those two clubs had offered more for his services! And I will quite happily admit he will not put on an All Blacks shirt again. One for falling out with Graham Henry and secondly because of playing NH rugby.