Dwarf shits all over council offices ???

Well that's cheered me up after the last thread I read.

He shat himself in court too. Instant contempt, 30 days, surely?

Still this would have played out better in the army.

"The charge sheet says you defecated in the orderly room after your complaint about not getting an A/R payment was dismissed. How do you plead?"

"Just a minute Sir, Im going to shit on your Axminster. Got any bog roll."

"RSM - get him away"
I've always founds council offices to be full of shits and big ones at that.
He has missed his true calling, duty Naafi bar pisshead was made for him. We will be lucky to see the likes of him again, the Army is just not what it was.
yep a grumpy dwarf or a dwarf called grumpy had the right hump that the worktops in his new gaff were the wrong height, so he racially abused council staff, exposed himself then took a shite on the floor
I wonder what his arrse screen name is ??

Dinger maybe? :? ;-) I quite like the follow-up articles as well. A right hoot 'n' hollar. :p :p

Grumpy Dwarf.JPG

Further Dwarf News.JPG
"Let's Torment The Dwarf" is one of the most popular past-times in Hull. Does he have a council entertainments license?
Back in the 60s and 70s we led the nation with our shouty tramps, this contributed to the great meths shortage of 1977
"Taking your trousers off and exposing your person before defecating and urinating, then abusing staff is uncivilised."
"Taking your trousers off and exposing your person before defecating and urinating, then abusing staff is uncivilised."
So the correct process would be to urinate and defecate first, and then take off the trousers to expose ones self?
When I was about 12 years old, there was an old dwarf lived near me. He had a face like Albert Steptoe. We used to knock his door and run off. One of my mates was a right twat and used to impersonate him. He used to squat down to midget height, and look up at you, wagging his finger, and making midget noises.

A nearby building site was our playground when the workmen had gone home. One evening, when some of the houses had been completed, we were over there, climbing up the scaffold onto the top lift. The planks had been taken from the two lower lifts, and the route we were using only allowed one of us to climb at a time. I was the last of 5 of us, and as I was nearing the top, I noticed the midget walking along to look at the new houses. Another of my mates, who was a bit of a shitbag when he wanted to be, started throwing bits of broken brick and dried compo at him.

I was laughing, and really struggled to heave myself up the last bit of the scaffold.
At least no cunt has said "He wasn't Happy."

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