Dwarf Love

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Geordie_Pride, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Surely I can't be the only person who has a certain penchant for the smaller variety of women? A hump on the back just finishes it off too.

    So come on gents, and "ladies", what weird things do you look for in a potential fcuck buddy?
  2. Oooh me too. You might like this PORN LINK REMOVED

    Have fun :lol:
  3. I know a few Mr Deputy, most of them are munters though!
  4. Being of a certain age, I always had wood for Toyah Wilcox. On the face of it, she's not especially attractive, in fact, she is both stunted and "auburn" but the clincher for me, is her lisp.
    Maybe I harbour some deep seated psychological aberration, but I've always found that a lisp gets my blood up. Who can forget Bonnie "I'll scweam and scweam" Langford in 'Just William'?
    Come to think of it, she's ferrous too! 8O I must be more fecked up than I thought. :?
  5. I have a friend who is on the very tall side whos fantasy is to be blown by a midget while standing up. Needless to say it has never happend.... yet.

    Myself, just the standard issue nurse/stockings, redhead/stockings, teacher/stockings, stockings/stockings, Secretary/stockings.... though I would not mind boning a chavett from behind, using her BIG hoop earings as reins... just for scientific research, honest!
  6. I would take a midget over a dwarf any day. Bridget the Midget is actually a dwarf, but Bridget the Dwarf didnt work very well for the Porn sales guys. Each to his/her own I guess. TAXI!
  7. For the purists a midget is skeletally correctly proportioned.
  8. I must admit that the only shag opportunity that would drag me from the straight and narrow paths of marital fidelity would be a midget. A crippled midget would be even more toothsome! A ginger grippled midget with big waps - ah me!
  9. I seem to remember reading in bizarre magazine that there are 40 or more medical conditions leading to dwarfism, all having there various physical characteristics.

    and as for Bridget the midget, i'd crawl over brocken glass to have a go on her :D
  10. 8O Is it just my aging eyesight or has 'bridget' got a big adams apple. Sure its not that cnut Willow 8O

    Wouldn't want a reacharound from a tiny fella :D. Not even if it was a small member of this site ;)
  11. Jesus Christ! What the hell is wrong with you people?

    Everyone knows that siamese midgets are what's really hot.
  12. geordie go on the pish in newport there is hump back dwarf on the lash every weekend

    Worst part is she rarely goes home alone so it would seem you are not alone
  13. They probably just want to find out if she really does iron her shirts on a wok.
  14. Somehow I knew, deep down inside, that if I really wanted to pull a midget, a cripple, a humpty-backed wench or anything "special" then Newport, Gwent would be THE place...Don't ask me how I doubt I could explain, I could just feel it in my water.