Dwain Chambers and Colonial Arrogance!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ethel_the_Aardvark, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Apparently Dwain is none too happy and it's all down to 'colonial arrogance'

    Chambers lawyer slams BOA | Orange UK

    Chambers' lawyer Siza Agha said they will take time to consider the CAS findings but attacked the British Olympic Association's position as "blinkered".
    Agha said: "In my view as hosts for the 2012 Olympics, this delicate and emotive issue required international diplomacy, foresight and responsibility. What we have received has been a crude and defiant display fuelled by misguided statements such as 'We have standards and the rest of the world doesn't'.
    "It has in my view been an exposure of colonial arrogance that even the most extreme and blinkered should have realised could only serve to marginalise British opinion on the international stage.

    I hope the BOA feel very ashamed. After all, it's not as if he is a drug taking cheat or anything is it?
  2. As I understand it, the olympics are all about amateur atheletes competing. Anyone should be eligible for selection, that is not the same as being selected.

    'Mr Chambers, your times seem quite good, almost the same as when you were shooting up, your not doing drugs, again, are you? Next.'

    Surely there must be some intangibles like conduct unbecoming?

    Bearing in mind how the whole panjamdrum seems to be riddled with loose money floating from one pocket to another, I do wonder if there may not be some vested interests in doping and the revenues generated. I expect I'm wrong though, FIFA's standards of probity are an example to the whole world of professional/amateur sport of how it should be done.
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  3. The attitude of both the names cited in the return to their respective sports is worth scrutinising.

    One put his hands in the air following his drug test and openly admitted his guilt to his sport's body. He accepted the terms and conditions that his professional body imposed on him and in subsequent interviews has never backed off the pointed questions of him taking performance enhancing drugs. He has never argued or attempted to excuse his actions. His contriteness and general attitude to his ban subsequently won over his peers. He has stated that he will not rejoin the Brit squad unless he has the unanimous support of his potential team members. The team captain wants him back on the team.

    The other has argued and prevaricated on every step of his investigative process. Endevoured to justify his actions on the " everyone is at it" line of defence. Has returned to a team knowing that a younger talented athlete has been dropped in his favour. Continues to use the 'law' to obfuscate his guilt.

    Both cheats, however, the rules say they are eligible to compete again. I have a modicum of respect for only one of them.
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  4. I'm sorry,I must have missed something.

    An athlete takes a banned performance enhancing drug,taken because his 'drug free' best,isn't good enough to allow him to compete,against other athletes.

    He then gets caught,and is full of contrition (sorry I didn't know how to spell shit),he gets banned by his home association for 2 years,and also informed that 'his services are no longer required',as far as Olympic selection is concerned (a view that is supported by 75-90% of all British athletes),and he thinks that he deserves 'speshul' treatment 'cos I'se black',FFS!

    The only organisations at fault here are WADA,and the IOC,for not having the bollocks to ban cheats for life,all due to projected revenue.

    As for my bold,there is nothing delicate,or emotive about this issue,he is a drug using cheat,the fact that he is black has got nothing to do with it,it does not require "international diplomacy, foresight and responsibility",this matter should be for the consideration of the BOA alone,and regardless of what his lawyer says,'We have standards and the rest of the world doesn't',is a true statement of fact.

    Chambers should 'man up',just piss off,and find another calling,I dunno,maybe an OU degree in Chemistry,he has already done the ground work!;-)
  5. The only race I see here is the Race Card being played for all it,s worth, and as for colonial arrogance, does this idiot not realise that our Empire ended many years before her was born and that at the London Olympics 1949 there were no such things as drug enhancing, a Beachams Powder for a cold maybe or a Preparation "H" for Herman Roids but probably nothing more enhancing that that.
  6. Perhaps if he'd used foresight and responsibility in the first place when he decided, by premeditation, to become a cheat there would be no need to subsequently display any diplomacy in dealing with his cheating.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Steady the Buffs. Dwain's smart lawyer is not daft enough to play the race card here so he has gone for what he believes is the next best thing. The thinly veiled race card.

    "It has in my view been an exposure of colonial arrogance that even the most extreme and blinkered should have realised could only serve to marginalise British opinion on the international stage.

    Trying to think who has accused us of 'colonial arrogance' in recent years? Idi Amin but that was a while back. I know... Robert Mugabe in his Independence Day speech last April 18th spoke of the day being a "victory over imperialism, colonialism and racial subjugation".

    So well done smart lawyer Siza Agha. Your cunning attempt to pull the race card without actually pulling the race card has aligned your client with one of the worlds most reviled, genocide practising and evil dictators. A good days work.

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  8. Not only is he a filthy drug cheat who wasn't good enough without chemical help, he's a filthy drug cheat who isn't good enough without chemical help and has absolutely no shame about it either.
  9. I wonder what will happen, because apart from anything else his inclusion in the GB team will be going against the money.

    If you had forked out to have your brand made inseperable from the track and field athletes would you want Chambers in the photographs? I wouldn't and I'd be telling everyone involved the same thing.
  10. I was talking to two bods on Saturday who are involved with the Olympics. They were telling me how agressively protective all sponsors are of their brand and endorsements. Would be a good tag line for Lucozade though, a pic of Chambers holding a bottle 'Lucozade, makes you as fast as a drugs cheat'! :)
  11. He cheated, got caught and should do the time. What does he want next - a 1 second head start?
  12. If the users of performance enhancing drugs can be classed as a race then I'm fine with being a racist. Ban the cnut for life as he can't seem to accept what he has done is wrong.
  13. You're right about that. The local flower arrangement society and the local veg growing assoc have both been banned from using 'Going for Gold' and 'The Olympics' repectively as themes for their entries to our local Ag show which is in August, after the games have finished.

    All the bumph had to be reprinted at huge inconvenience and (relatively) huge expense.

    London *****.
  14. In light of this case, I can see some openings here . .

    Ex-Con's to become Police Officers
    Gary Glitter to become the head of the NSPCC
    Margeret Moran to become the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
    ad infinitum
  15. Just let them all take drugs. Job done.