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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by The_Swede, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Contender for the most boring question ever:

    Having a chat with some Navy chaps recently and they said that there is a set lay down for what each "Version" of a document means ie V1 means that it is a draft, V2 means it's ready to be taken as policy etc. Had a look through JSP 101, the first port of call, then at a few other documents, but can't see it, and have never heard of it elsewhere. If anyone is still awake reading this then does anyone else know of it?
  2. I have never heard of that, it sounds unlikely to me. What happens when you have a draft version 3?

    My preference is to suffix the version number with a "d" until its final but that is my own preference and not policy.

    Dependent on how many versions in draft you are expecting, you could try decimalising the versions "v0.1" or to be clearer "v0.1d", leading to the final issue "v1.0". This is useful if your documents are going round a review cycle and you have to keep all versions during the review process. Within the document itself you can watermark with "draft" or insert draft in the headers and footers to inform the reader that the document is still in draft.
  3. V1 is the original, with V1.1 etc as minor redrafts. Major redraft become V2 then V2.1 etc. The finalised document is called "Final".

    My own view of course!
  4. think JSP 101 itself disproves that theory.

    It is Version 3, yet versions 1 & 2 where completed versions in their own right.

    It actually contains a part on drafts (Chap 6, Conventions of DW, Page 8 ) which in summary states: enter the word Draft at the top centre of each page or Watermark draft into the document.
  5. Excuse me for intruding, but you'll also find that the Final is signed, drafts aren't.
  6. Yes, seen this, do this already.

    Maybe version numbering with specific meanings is just a Navy thing.
  7. Thats the version of events that we used last year on a BOI, but also used the watermark on the documents as well
  8. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My boss tells me its a PRINCE2 thing...