Dvrs plea to Bliar "Take all our money, we dont need it!!!"

OK so he might not be to blame, but he is PM so he is responsible!!!

As if the amount of money that drivers already pay, of which only a small percentage is actually ploughed back in to the roads (quite literally by the look of some roads!), coupled with all the devices and schemes set up to harrass and generally fcuk over otherwise law abiding citizens such as speed cameras and the like, the latest idea from DVLA which will generate over £80,000,000 according to a Time article.

Referred to as the "annual registration fee" it is a £2.50 levy, which will be parrelled by a new fee for renewing your photo licence, which is roughly every 10 years. This charge is reported to be £19 or more, so will probably be about £60 if the ID card charge is anything to go by.

Also any of you out there with the old "paper" licences, you will be charged more to switch to the new licence also, as the "paper" ones will be obsolete by 2010!!! Although no amount was printed.

As an added insult the london congestion charge will be raised next month from £5 to £8 and the are discussion underway about a road pricing scheme throughout the country.

I wouldn't mind paying top prices if I got a top service!!! Instead all of this money will be sifted off to pay for other things. Drivers are merely taxed heavily to keep this country going! Why is such a small amount of the money collected from road users under the guise of road charges blatently spent on other things. Although some of the shortfall is probably spent on DVLA buaracracy.

With so few actual physical means of checking who is who, the only thing that this can possibly achieve is more doppleganged cars, driven by unlicenced and thus uninsured people to avoid these payments. Which inturn will either lead to more deaths, as idiots wont even attempt to take a test or more insurance costs to you and me, to pay for their lack of insurance.
My in-laws have lived in their house for about 28 years and they bought it from new. Their road has never had any proper work done on it - just patch ups - and is in a pretty bad state. Will the council do anything about it? No, of course not. It seems that all the money from the highways agency is been ploughed into the council estates leaving the mostly middle-class areas with private housing in sh1t state.