DVLA V5C Logbook problem

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by littlenickoutthere, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. When a used car is bought from a motor trader is the new recipient issued with a V5 registration certificate ?
  2. Yep,this enables you to tax etc the whicle if needs be while you wait for the fully updated docs to be returned to you,you may have some wait as Mrs hat20 did as dealers often wait till they have a clutch to send off together.If you do not then knock on dealers door in the morning.
  3. A V5 can take upto 5 weeks to be processed.
    If you ring the DVLA they will confirm whether they have recieved it and are processing it.
    Contrary to what the DVLA will tell you, they are useless and lose lots of them.

    If all else fails you can send off for a new one with a V62 form, if you attatch the new keepers supplement you got when you bought it there is no fee for a replacement that way. Make sure you keep a photocopy of the supplement though
  4. i shall do. I bought the car nearly a year back but have never received a V5. Now going up to Leconfield and it says i may need a V5 for a vehicle pass.
  5. I think you my find that you will have to pay £80 fine for not chasing it up, they screwed me for not getting in touch with them in 28 days, and for some unknown reason this is not handled by Swansea but a small office in Bournmouth who dont seem to ever answer the phone
  6. well i know the registration has changed to my name as i have been sent forms by the DVLA for re-taxing the vehicle etc. Would it not just be the same 25 quid if anything for a lost/stolen replacement?
  7. Depneds on how you go about it.
    If you have the new keeper supplement then ring them up and say that you are still waiting for V5 and you have rung several times previously and are now getting fed up of getting no where with it, follow up with a letter/email.
    If you don't have the new keeper supplement then just fill in the V62 and £25.
    First option is propably going to take longer but is free,second should be quicker but costs £25. If need to tax it then do it online thus not needing the V5.
    I bloody hate DVLA