dvla number plate - are they open to offers

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by dorsetgeorge, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. I have been browsing the DVLA number plate site and have found the number i want to buy. Unfortunately it is £800 which is more than I am willing to part with.

    There is an alternative one at £400 but does anyone know if they will enter into a negotation for their available numbers?


  2. Off topic but when I came home on leave from the Queens Bays in Italy my old bosses car number was 'BAY 252'.
  3. I think they are fixed price at the DVLA. Other companies that trade in personal plates will be open to negotiation. The whole thing is a rip-off and best avoided.
  4. Is the correct answer.
  5. I suppose a personalised number plate would be quite useful if you were suddenly to forget who you were: you could pull into the side of the road and have a shuftie at your number plate, to remind yourself.
  6. It might be cheaper to change your name by deed poll to something that is associated with your current numberplate rather than forking out £400 on something with your initials on it like I did :oops:

    How about Mr ABC123W? :D
  7. Sh1t, beat me to it.

    Yours etc, B949 DOB
  8. :D Sorry.

    Back to the OP. If you are still interested in buying a plate. The cheapest option will always be through DVLA, although as has been said previously, they wont budge on price. Their prices include VAT and transfer fee, the same cannot be said about some of the plate traders who put their markup on everything.

    DVLA run local auctions from time to time. Their details are on the DVLA website. IIRC there's one in Manchester soon.
  9. Why not phone them and find out?
  10. I encourage you to go to the auction and pay through the nose for a really expensive personalised plate.
    Take some of your rich mates with you to do the same and each spend as much as you are able.

    Also please drive REALLY fast through speed cameras and get all your mates to do the same.

    Then, if you would be so kind, smoke a whole shit-load of cigarettes (tax paid of course)

    If enough of you spend enough money with the DVLA / in speed fines / tobacco etc the rest of us may not have to pay so much tax next year.
  11. Someone's been reading the Viz top tips page.