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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Just recieved this from DVLA accusing me of lieing and breaking the law, but a quick Google shows that I am far from being alone, contradictiory to the DVLA published figures. At forty quid a pop this has got to be a nice little earner, and it seems there is no way to fight it

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  2. *Blah, rubbish*

    Or have I misunderstood something?

    Yes, I have.

    Edited for utter mongness. Waaaaaaay too early.
  3. did you tell them somone else now owns it before they sent the £40 penalty ?
  4. Yes, I "indicated" this but I should have "notified"
  5. I recently sent of for a road tax refund for one of the company vans that we had scrapped. The DVLA sent me a similar notice, after about 6 weeks, saying that they hadn't received notification of the vehicle's disposal so they weren't refunding the tax. They also said that if I supplied the notification I could only be refunded that proportion of the tax that comes in complete months after they have received the notification not the original date of scrapping. My thoughts about their collective parentage are reserved.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If one is not required to notify the DVLA of the disposal of the vehicle, I'd say they can fcuk off. Either that, or under your own cognicence, you inform them when you sell it, not wait for them to ask you to confirm it, or have I got that wrong?
  7. I had not been able to find the log book and had been told by the scrappee that he would inform DVLA. I can understand the must have log book bit but the vehicle was scrapped in April but I would only have been able to claim from July under their rules.
  8. When selling the Veh you must tear off part of the Registration document and send it to the DVLA, with the purchasers name and address he then can re-register the Veh, as he lives in my street I know he did this and the DVLA know this, but even though they have been in conntact with him they still say I failed to inform them, but if this is true how did they know he had the car? there was not even a brake in the tax, I sold it to hime with three days still on the tax and he re-taxed it the next day
  9. Tropper66, you are looking for sanity in your dealings with a Government agency. Silly boy.

    You need to look at the rules. I am sure that they are following their rules. So you just need to look at the rule book

    No, you can't have a copy of the rule book.
  10. DVLA? Don't get me started!

    Sent off my old paper licence yonks ago to get a photo one to keep the EuroJohhnies happy, thought no more of it.

    Saw an article recently about people having their motorcycle endorsement left off so goes to check, yep, not on my new one.

    Yo! DVLA, you left off my motorcycle bit.

    Have you some proof you passed a motorcycle test?

    It was on my paper licence!

    We don't keep those Sir or any records of past tests

    Did you have some other proof like your pass certificate?

    Yes, back in 1976.

    Have you still got it?

    Yeah, always keep old pass certificates from 30 odd years ago. 8O

    Well, we're sorry Sir, but without written proof you had a licence we can't put the endorsment back on.

    Nobbers. :x
  11. Oil slick, go see them in person if possible. I've heard they are more forthcoming when you arrive in person.
  12. The DVA is just another typical cuntish ZaNulabour government organisation. It is designed to make life as difficult for people as possible while stealing cash via its malicious incompetence.

    They are not fit for purpose - nothing this goverment touches is. Is it not possible to sue the DVA for the loss of driving entitlements? Why should the public be the ones made to suffer becuase they are not doing their job correctly?
  13. I've had the same letter- despite sending off the paperwork.

    Send them a letter, telling them when/where you got rid of the car and, if possible, who you sold it to etc.

    Tell them that you don't see why it's your fault they've not got the paperwork on the system and that you have done everything in accordance with the transference/scrapping of the vehicle that is required

    They'll back down. They know they're always losing things and will probably write back and apologise. At least, they were grovelling for hassling me :twisted:

  14. You reckon? A Police Motorbike mechanic who'd been riding for 28 years had his licence buggered up recently , despite being able to prove he's been a Police authorised rider for years along with written letters of confirmation from the senior staff, they wouldn't budge. He had to retake a full bike test.
  15. I wonder if the DVLA is like the Cardiff tax office, Some years ago I was putting in new guide rails for the lifts in the high rise tax building well there was about 2 skips full of papers,letters,files ect , in the bottom of the lift shaft some of which was marked secret,confidential and no-one could give a F*** about it when we asked