DVDs no longer playing correctly on laptop

I’m not sure if anyone can help, but here goes.
My laptop has started playing up when playing DVD’s, the sound track runs ok but the picture plays intermittently, ie frozen picture but perfect sound. I have tried using task manager to switch off Processes not required (apple, Ipod etc), some times this will provide a temporary cure other times not. When the picture freezes the CPU usage peaks at 100 %. The laptop is only a 18 month old ACER. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.
Try playing them using something like VLC. All my bootleg Kosovan porn had difficulty playing on my laptop- intermittent playing, disc not recognised etc - opening with VLC solved the problem.
Do you have lots of codex's installed? as some codex do conflict with one another.
windows media player is a bugger for screwing up video's as it can update and installs some shoite codex. Best not to let media player download any codex.
I suspect you do have a codex problem uninstall all codex try your dvd and then just add codex one at a time checking everything works.
Could your region code have anything to do with it? my laptop went through the same as it was set to region 1 being east europe, and set it to region 2 now it works fine, most computers has an allowance of 4 changes so you could try changing it once and if it doesnt work change it back again, alternatively back up all your important files and recover the whole computer, its a lazy but effective method and is always nice to have a fresh OS installed now and then and a bit of a speed boost too :)

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