DVDs for £1.80

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by willdawe, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Ok, on first inspection of this site i thought maybe there was a catch.but a old school friend of mine had said he had been using it for years and they dvds were gr8.

    The site is in thailand and once you convert the prices it works out at 1.80 GBPper dvd. My order arrived today, 9 of the latest dvds for 20gbp plus p&p.
    I even got the new chipmunks film for the kids and thats only just out at the cinema.

    the site is:
    Thai DVD
  2. The Adult Movie Grab bag might be worth a look, their staff pick a random selection of gut wrenching Thai porn and send it in the post! :wink:

    Bargain at 98 Baht a pop..........
  3. Smashing, our TAC can now restock!
  4. Or do what me and my cheap mates do! Watch Films online!



    All the Movies at your fingertips, would be adviasable to download a program called "Veoh", it isnt Spyware/Adware anything like that, it enables you to view films at the highest of quality!!

    Just remember, when they asked you who told you...i was never here!
  5. Can you tell me if the dvd's are region free and will play on any dvd or only on a multi region player ?
  6. they are region free
  7. bought 6 of these dvds from thaidvd for about 17.00, speedy delivery, 1 has worked the others have froze the DVD player and not worked on the PC either, so all in all pretty crap. save yourself the trouble
  8. Tesco and sainsbury's do legit dvd's from £3