DVD / VHS of 1946 Victory Parade

Wondered if any fellows had come across any commercially available recording of the 1946 Victory parade through London? I'd love to pick it up as a gift for my father. Have Googled, Ebayed and Amazoned - to no result.
No.9 said:
Try http://www.britishpathe.com/ and search for ‘Victory Parade 1946’

Haven’t used them myself so can’t say what you get for your money?

And, while not the parade there is a great freebee of the 1940 Len Lye 4 min short of the nazis edited and set to the tune of the Lambeth Walk at http://www.pdcomedy.com/Movies/WorldWar2Comedy/Hitler-LambethWalk.html. Left click a player option to view, or right click same and select ‘Save Target As’ to download.

Good tip, No9 - cheers; and yes, I've seen the Hitler/Lambeth Walk film, it's bloody good
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